How to Beat Zoom Fatigue

We're on video calls all the time — let's make them less exhausting. Here are actionable tools & tips to make Zoom calls less fatiguing for your remote team or audience.

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Beating Zoom fatigue isn't hard, it just takes a solid effort.
How to Host an Exciting Event (as an Introvert)

I'm an introvert and yet I run great events. You can too! Here are specific steps you can take to make your online events / meetings / zoom calls / remote get togethers fun and exciting!

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An exciting event can be fun EVEN FOR INTROVERTS
The Best 5 Minute Team Building Activities (to Play Remote)

In terms of employee unity, playing works. If you need to bring your remote team together (on a time budget) here are the best ten games for you!

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash
Why Games are the Solution to Remote Team Building

Building a strong remote team is super hard — but games can provide an easy and fun way to create strong teams online and make real connections remotely.

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remote team work can be a lot like real-world sports
The 32 Best Virtual Icebreaker Questions and How to Use Them

The best icebreakers can really open up a meeting and get your audience in the right mood. Learn how and when to use icebreakers, the different types, and a list of some all-star questions.

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A happy group of remote worker avatars
Introducing Slides with Friends

Add some fun to an all-hands meeting, conference, remote networking event, or Tuesday. This interactive game builder tool is for anyone wondering "how can I make sure my remote team feels connected to me and our mission?" or "what can we possibly do for our holiday party this year?".

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Pick a game, invite your people, play through like a powerpoint presentation -- that's interactive.