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Best Alternative to Kahoot

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Cecilia Razak
Best Alternative to Kahoot

As professional event runners and business owners, we tried every service out there. We found the best tool that has a lot of Kahoot's functionality, plus more connective and fun engagement tools.

Slides With Friends is an interactive presentation slide deck builder and game player. You can use it to create exciting, engaging, and connective remote (or in-person) events, like quizzes, games, and presentations.

How they compare

Overall Comparison

Both tools let you create and run your own interactive events, where your audience can join in from their own devices to answer questions. Both enable basic quizzing, with multiple choice and text answer options, timers, and scoring. Slides With friends has some additional, more interesting interaction options, like Photo Sharing, "Cards Against Humanity" type prompt & voting games, "Pass the Mic" call on different users options, and more. SlidesWith also has more audience interaction and response options, with a live (but turn-off-able) soundboard and emoji reactions users can send any time. Overall, Kahoot is more  locked in to classroom quizzes feeling, while SlidesWith can do more quizzing and is also more fun, creative, immersive, and team-connection driven.

Best of all, Slides With Friends lets you use every part of the tool for free! Get unlimited questions, events, interactions and more, for zero cost. The only time you need to upgrade is if you want to host more than 10 players in a large event.

Customer Testimonials

The head of Digital Enablement at IBM, Elaine Schwartz, says "I am always searching for fun, engaging, and unique experiences to facilitate with a group. I discovered Slides With Friends and was blown away! What a great way to get all session attendees laughing, sharing, and connecting."

How it Works

Slides with Friends is an interactive slide deck creator and game player.

To get started, pick a ready-to-play game deck, copy it into your account, and update it however you like. When working on a game in the builder, you'll instantly recognize the familiar slide deck presentation interface — it's a lot like Powerpoint or Google Slides. Once your quiz is ready, launch a live event just like a Powerpoint pres and share your screen on a video call / project your screen to your group. Your audience joins in with their phones using a simple QR code scan (no apps or downloads required). Ask them questions and they can submit responses real time from their phones. It's intuitive and easy to join and play along.

Specific Functionality

Slides With Friends players join in to a game with a simple QR code scan on their phones. They can see your questions exactly as displayed on the main event screen on their phone screen, and tap the answer option directly.

In Kahoot, users need to match the answer option with an elementary school type color code / shape. They can't actually tap the answer itself.

In terms of User Interface and product experience, overall Kahoot feels a little cluttered, vs. SlidesWith's clean, simple, and intuitive user experience:

The bottom line — best free alternative to Kahoot

Slides With Friends is the best alternative to Kahoot: it does most of the things Kahoot does, and adds a lot of interesting, fun things that Kahoot doesn't. It's also much less pricey that Kahoot, and gives you more options for less cost.

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