Virtual Team Building Games
for Amazing Remote Engagement

Use these interactive slide activities to play icebreakers, trivia games, live polls, scavenger hunts, farewell parties, and so much more with your employees and coworkers. Get everyone laughing and connecting — and bring your whole team together no matter where they are.
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Ready-to-Play Team Building Games

Find an interactive slide deck team-building activity you love (you can even tweak it to make it your own). Free to use with up to 10 players.

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How to play these team-builders

Pick or build a team building game

Grab a great, ready-to-play game, and start a presentation like you would for any typical slide deck. Your team can join in on their phones with a simple QR code or link (no downloads or logins required).


Play and interact seamlessly

It's easy & fun for your employees or colleagues to actively participate with these interactive team-builders. You can play icebreaker questions, trivia games, live photo show & tell, wordclouds, and more.

See real engagement & enjoyment

Elevate your team building without any extra work. Your remote team, hybrid workers, audience, or students will love having their voice heard.


"As someone who’s been professionally gathering folks for years, I can 100% say that Slides With Friends is a huge breakthrough for any group looking to connect more deeply."

Najva Sol
Head of Product & Marketing

Designed to engage remote teams

We're more than a simple interactive game player. Our mission is to help connect and excite people. With built-in playful avatars, a live soundboard, and interaction types carefully designed for positive social experiences, Slides with Friends is perfect for your next team happy hour.

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Post-event results you can see & share

Get automatic feedback, review your event stats, and export post-event data. SlidesWith gives you tangible results you can show your boss or board.

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"We received tons of positive feedback after using Slides With Friends. The beauty of this app is that it's so simple to design a unique branded game with questions and tasks on any topic. We loved this as an ice breaker!"

Anna Usova
Partnership Manager
@ Running Remote

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We've got some answers.

How do I launch & play an event?

Go to your account, select a deck, and open it! You'll see a big pink "Launch an event" button on the top right corner. When you click this, it will start a live, full-screen event (just like a powerpoint or google slides presentation). Display this live event page to your group (eg. "share your screen" on Zoom), and have them join in! Then advance through the slides by clicking the next arrow or pressing the arrow keys.

How do people join and interact with my event?

On the first slide of your launched event, you'll see an auto-generated QR code and a URL link. Tell your players to get their smartphone and open their camera. They just need to hold their camera up to the QR code, and they'll be taken to a join page. If they don't have a phone or are having trouble with the QR code, they can use the link displayed on that page, which goes to the same page. On this page, they'll be able to select an avatar, enter their name, and click "Join Event"! You'll see each person appear on your main screen, as they join. From there they can send in responses, photos, and fun sound reactions.

How many people can join an event?

With a Pro account you can have up to 200 players join, and with a Starter account you can have up to 50 players. Our forever-free account lets small groups of up to 10 people play your event, no charge :)

Can I try it out for free?

Yes! Our forever free account is fully-featured. We believe in building strong connections and community, and for that reason SlidesWith will always be no-cost for smaller groups — you can create a deck and play with up to 10 people for free. The only time payment is required is if you want to run events with larger groups.

Does this replace Zoom / other video call software? Do I have to use it on a video call?

No, this is a slide deck presentation tool that you can use in any video call or in person. We recommend using SlidesWith wherever you can show your screen to your audience. So whether that's on a video call platform like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, (or any other video conferencing software), or live at an in-person or hybrid conference or meeting, as long as you can share your screen, you can use SlidesWith. Think of it like using a powerpoint presentation, but with superpowers ;)


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Brings people together

Slides With has been such an amazing addition to our team's remote work. This tool brings people together in a way that is rare across the internet. We use it for trivia at The Hustle, but could easily see how it could be expanded to other use cases!

Steph Smith
Head of at HubSpot

Favorite of my team

My team absolutely loved SlidesWith. The interactions were so fun and it was easy to create a custom “around the world quiz” just for our group. SlidesWith has quickly become one of my favorite tools for online team experiences.

Matthis Keij
Withlocals CEO

Great for education and young adults

Slides with Friends is a great tool for anyone wanting to connect with and engage a live audience, whether online or in person. The user interface is easy and intuitive, and the outcome is fun, interactive, and involving.

(Oh and the soundboard, my teenagers loved it... a little too much!)

Josh Nelson
High School Minister - University Christian Church