12 Best Games Like Jackbox to Play with Teams and Friends

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12 Best Games Like Jackbox to Play with Teams and Friends

Virtual interactions with work teams and friends have become part of the norm these days. Not only are more companies transitioning to remote work (with 70% of businesses planning to adopt a hybrid model), online interactions are vital for socializing with friends. Additionally, people are transient, especially Americans, who, on average, move more than 11 times throughout their life.

But while everyone's growing apart geographically, there's no reason to maintain distance relationally. If you want to deepen and sustain your connections regardless of location, you should host a virtual hangout and amp up the fun by playing games - like Jackbox.

Most people recommend Jackbox Games because they're popular, interactive party activities you can enjoy virtually. But you shouldn't rely on just one video game developer if you want to connect with people. Having alternatives to spice things up is always a good idea. We've put together a list of our favorite 12 games like Jackbox that are just as fun to play.

1. Controversial Questions

Want to know your team or friends a little better? If so, start your virtual hangout with an icebreaker from Slides With Friends that requires everyone to answer fun, easy-going yet controversial questions. This idea is an excellent way to inspire funny debates, lighten up the mood, and create new inside jokes.

Controversial Questions Game

Office-appropriate and immediately engaging, the Controversial Questions game is an icebreaker that'll either make you love or re-examine your relationships.

15 minutes, 3-250 people

This game has pre-made questions that ask whether a hot dog is a sandwich or if pineapple belongs on pizza. But, of course, you can customize the questions if you have other ideas. You can enjoy Controversial Questions for free with up to 10 players.

2. Rubber Bandits

Does a heist gone wrong sound interesting? If so, play Rubber Bandits. This action-packed game starts with a group of thieves collaborating to pull off a heist when things suddenly take a turn for the worst.

Afterwards, every player must fend for themself and do what it takes to get the money before the cops arrive and the jig is up.

3. Movie Trivia Game

If you're looking for games like Jackbox, play our movie trivia game. This activity will be a massive hit if you're playing with movie buffs. But keep in mind you don't have to love movies to play. There are always a few questions everyone can answer, so don't be afraid to introduce this game to your team or friends.

Trivia Night at the Movies

With four rounds of film-themed questions, this trivia game offers plenty of ways to geek out over movies.  

50 minutes, 10-50 people

The game is interactive and includes image sharing slides, user voting slides, and multiple-choice questions. It takes about an hour to play, and you can enjoy it with up to 10 people for free.

Also, there are pre-made questions you can answer. However, you can make the game easier or harder by changing the questions to fit your audience's knowledge.

4. Fling to the Finish

Fling to the Finish is a fun multiplayer game that your team or friends will love is. For this activity, everyone will need to find a partner. Then, each team will control unique, bouncy characters that are held together by an elastic rope while racing the other teams on a colorful, wacky obstacle course.

Teams can roll, bounce, or fling their way to the finish line. Players can also use the stretchy rope in various ways to win.

5. Pictogram Game

Everyone loves a good puzzle, so you should include one at your next virtual hangout. Just make sure to get creative. Since you can't solve a physical puzzle digitally, play a pictogram game instead.

Puzzle Masters

Unique and thought-provoking, Puzzle Masters is perfect if you want to encourage team building at a virtual happy hour or social event.

15 minutes, 3-200 people

The game shows ten pictures of bottle caps, each one with a quirky image puzzle that everyone must solve. Players should submit their answers separately, and whoever solves the most mysteries will win. Puzzle Masters is free for up to 10 players, but you can always get more minds together by getting a Slides With Friends paid plan.

6. The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

Take your team or friends on a space adventure! The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine is a multiplayer virtual game that lets you go on exciting but uncertain adventures as astronauts.

There are over 50 missions you must take. Each one requires good communication skills, so this game is great if your team needs to learn how to collaborate better.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Another game like Jackbox that's sure to be a hit is a virtual scavenger hunt. This activity is great for collaboration and team building. However, you can also play it with friends.

All you need is a list of items for everyone to find. It can be anything from an empty takeout container, essential oil, a family photo, or a fake or real houseplant.

Ready-to-Play Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Get your team or friends out of their seats with this virtual scavenger hunt! It's easy to play and already comes with prompts.

13 minutes, 10-50 people

Some of the items to find include a favorite coffee mug and a pet selfie. Once your team members or friends find an object, they should take a picture and submit it. If their image shows up on the screen, they have to tell everyone about their item.

8. Virtual Escape Room

You don't need a physical location to enter an escape room. Your team or friends can enjoy this game experience virtually. All everyone needs is access to Zoom.

Then, a Game Guide with The Escape Game will go into a themed room with a camera showing a live video feed. You'll see everything the Game Guide sees and can direct the person through the room to make a successful escape.

Just keep in mind that a virtual escape room isn't free and only works for up to eight players per game.

9. Team Building Game

Games like Jackbox should focus on collaboration. If you work remotely and need to foster connection amongst your team members, play a game that will strengthen relationships.

Team Shenanigans

Get your coworkers together to play Team Shenanigans, an activity that comes with three rounds of fun, engaging group games.

25 minutes, 10-50 people

This game includes pre-made questions that'll help everyone understand each other a little better. For example, one of the questions asks if you're a morning person or a night owl. The rest of the game includes trivia questions, live photo sharing, and interactive word clouds.

Team Shenanigans takes 20-30 minutes to play and is free for up to 10 people.

10. Overcooked! 2

Have fun in a virtual kitchen by playing Overcooked! 2. This game requires your team or friends to handle food orders by cooking meals in the oddest kitchen setups you've ever seen.

There are multiple levels, each containing several stations where you all will perform specific tasks like frying, plating, chopping, and boiling. You may also come across obstacles and hazards that throw you off, but winning is possible if everyone works together in this multiplayer cooking game.

11. Harry Potter Trivia

Movie trivia is always fun, but when the questions focus on a specific film—and an extremely popular one at that—you should take the opportunity to play. Everyone loves to test their knowledge about the best movies of all time.

Giant Harry Potter Trivia Game

Do you know some witches and wizards who are still waiting for their acceptance letters to Hogwarts? If so, see if they can answer the questions in this Harry Potter Trivia Game to increase their chances of getting into the school.

60 minutes, 3-250 people

This game will test everyone's knowledge of spells you can only learn at Hogwarts and require players to answer random, challenging questions that span the original seven books. You can play for free with up to 10 players. Additionally, you can make the game easier or harder by changing the pre-made questions.

12. Use Your Words

When you want a game that’ll make your team or friends laugh the entire time, play Use Your Words. This activity includes four minigames that require players to brainstorm the funniest answers possible.

Use Your Words will provide jokes to make the game easier, so players just need to create clever punchlines that leave everyone crying from laughter.

Spice Up Your Virtual Hangout

All of the above activities are games like Jackbox that your team or friends will love and want to play again. So, make sure to include them in your next virtual hangout. That way, you can have fun with the people who matter most, regardless of where they live.

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