11 Best Enterprise Learning Platforms

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11 Best Enterprise Learning Platforms

our presentation truly interactive, you can add quizzes, polls, chat boxes, word clouds, and multimedia elements like audio and video clips. 

The best part is that this enterprise learning platform is easy to use even if you’re not a computer wizard - participants can join in by simply scanning a QR code—no downloads or apps required. Slides with Friends is also very intuitive. All you need to do to begin designing content is to create an account.

Best for: interactive group learning or team-building. It's perfect for companies that want to encourage collaboration and communication during learning sessions.

CYPHER Learning

CYPHER Learning is an intuitive, AI-powered enterprise learning management system with a human-centric approach. Its features include an intuitive interface, personalized skills development, and competency-based learning. There is also the advanced automation feature CYPHER Copilot that allows users to build gamified courses in a matter of minutes. The platform fosters community through chat, forums, games, activity indicators, leaderboards, mentorship, and more.

Additionally, CYPHER Learning offers certification customization, automated recertification, and comprehensive reporting tools, as well as built-in features for mobile learning and social learning for a comprehensive learning experience.

Best for: CYPHER Learning is best for organizations looking for an enterprise learning tool with a wide range of features that provides comprehensive learning experiences.


TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning management system with a simple UI and straightforward navigation. Its AI-powered content authoring tool TalentCraft enables users to quickly create personalized eLearning courses and training programs. You can easily add media using the drag-and-drop functionality, create surveys, quizzes, and evaluation tests, and customize certificates for achievements. TalentLMS also offers TalentLibrary with over 800 ready-made courses and supports more than 30 languages.

Best for: Growing businesses looking for a reliable, cost-effective solution with a strong free plan. TalentLMS offers a free plan for up to five users, including ten courses and unlimited email support.


Absorb is a scalable enterprise learning solution known for its easy-to-use interface, customizable design, and strong functionality. It offers centralized management and delivery of content, interactive engagement, AI-powered automation for administrative tasks, and detailed analytics. The Absorb LMS includes ten libraries of mobile-friendly courses and integrations with third-party platforms. This includes third-party e-commerce platforms, allowing flexibility in your e-commerce setup.

Best for: Large and medium-sized companies looking for strong e-commerce features and extensive integration options.


iSpring is a learning and development software suitable for various training needs like onboarding, product training, sales training, compliance training, customer training, and employee performance reviews. It offers a user-friendly interface, automated training, easy content creation, detailed reporting, and integrations with other platforms. Users can create a social learning environment with features like chats, news feeds, leaderboards, and badges. iSpring also includes a built-in SCORM player for playing SCORM courses and packaging your own. Additionally, it can convert PowerPoint to HTML5 without losing any effects, transitions, or animations.

Best for: Organizations that need advanced tools to create and deliver courses that comply with SCORM standards.


Docebo is an AI-driven enterprise LMS with a user-friendly interface and various features for creating engaging learning experiences. Its AI feature analyzes learner behavior and suggests relevant content, helping employees improve their skills and prepare for future professional roles. Additionally, it has strong analytics and reporting features that enable users to make data-driven decisions to improve their learning programs.

Docebo supports more than 40 languages and offers extensive customization with over 400 integrations, including Google Drive, Salesforce, and Asana. It provides a content library with pre-made training materials on various topics or you can create your own content with the Shape AI tool. The platform fosters social learning that allows learners to connect, collaborate, and ask questions while the mobile app enables learning on the go.

Best for: Companies looking for an enterprise learning system with AI capabilities.

D2L Brightspace LMS

D2L Brightspace is an enterprise learning tool originally built for K-12 schools, offering features like student information system (SIS) integration for automated course enrollment. Other innovative features include the D2L Learning Framework that enables custom learning experiences and the D2L mobile app that allows learners to access courses from anywhere.  Brightspace is user-friendly, engaging, and highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the platform according to their training and branding needs. Plus, it includes AI-driven tools for skill mapping and easily integrates with other systems.

Best for: Companies looking for an enterprise learning platform with comprehensive K–12 tools.

Anthology LMS

Anthology (previously known as Blackboard Learn)  is an enterprise learning platform designed for higher education but also suitable for businesses looking for a different approach to training and learning within their organization. The platform offers an extensive set of features including multimedia content, assessments, and discussion boards for dynamic learning experiences. Its comprehensive learner registration and management solution handles everything from course registrations, user and data management, e-commerce, and reporting. Anthology supports over 100 languages, integrates with other tools and systems, and has a mobile app that allows access to courses from anywhere. 

Best for: Companies looking for enterprise learning solutions with high education features.

Canvas LMS

Canvas is a learning platform primarily for educators but is also suitable for corporate learning. It's easy to use, allowing employees of all levels to access training content. You can create, deliver, and monitor courses, track progress with analytics, and issue credentials effortlessly. Canvas also offers a simple mobile app called Canvas Mobile, which allows learners to access the platform from their Android or iOS devices. It also offers a gamification feature to keep learners motivated and integrates with other platforms for seamless data flow.

Best for: Enterprises looking for a learning platform with robust education features.

Moodle LMS

Moodle is an open-source, highly customizable enterprise learning system that organizations can tailor to their unique needs. It offers features like course management, access control, gamification, community building, and reporting tools. You can also use tools like quizzes, assignments, badges, and video conferencing or collaborate through forums, workshops, web conferencing, and peer reviews. Another great thing about Moodle is its scalability. As your enterprise expands, the platform accommodates easily to the increased number of courses and users. Additionally, Moodle works well on mobile devices and integrates smoothly with various third-party plugins and tools.

Best for: Companies looking for customization and a solution with versatile training options.


Graphy is an enterprise learning platform that allows users to create courses, host live video sessions, and sell packaged courses. It features drip content release, discussion participation tools, and assessment libraries, and supports various content formats like PDFs, videos, and audio. Additionally, Graphy offers standard course platform features such as promotions, coupons, opt-in pages, tracking, referral marketing, webinars, affiliate dashboards, as well as automatic certificate generation upon course completion.

Best for: Course creators and entrepreneurs who want to build and sell courses online, with a focus on monetization through sales.

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