20 Virtual Event Ideas Your Team will Actually Enjoy

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20 Virtual Event Ideas Your Team will Actually Enjoy

We’ve put together a few virtual event ideas that not only will your team enjoy, but can also help to bond them and improve team communication.

What Makes a Great Virtual Event?

How can we make our team excited to come together, rather than dread another Zoom happy hour? Using the event ideas listed here is a great place to start, but there are a few other tips to help make the entire process more enjoyable.

  1. Keep the meeting interactive. While it can be informative to have one person presenting, a positive virtual event will include everyone in the group. Make sure you’re keeping tabs on group members who aren’t contributing and try to ask questions to get them involved.
  2. Balance meeting structure with surprises. Your team wants to know what to expect of any event, so it’s important to know and communicate your goals and expectations beforehand. However, it will keep groups on their toes and paying attention if you throw in a few surprises. Ask specific, but random, people questions. And don’t be afraid to make a joke now and then.
  3. Don’t depend on the webcam or mics. Make good use of the group chat by asking for members to type in their answers. Keep it weird by requesting responses in gif form! Switch up your format so people don’t feel glued to their camera.

For more ideas on how to make a virtual event great, check out our article How to Beat Zoom Fatigue.

1. Play a Trivia Battle

There’s nothing better than a little competition between co-workers. A classic trivia battle is one of the best and easiest options for a virtual event.

If you’re looking for a simple way to play a trivia battle, you can use a pre-built trivia game that has questions already provided, and automatically grades & scores answers.

2. Speed 1-1s

Speed One-on-Ones are a great way to get larger teams to connect in smaller groups. You’ll get people talking to those they might not normally speak to and sharing stories that might not come up in work conversations.

  1. Put together a list of prompt questions. Check out our article 60 Insightful Q&A Questions for some great ready-made ideas!
  2. Ask the question, then place people in groups of 2-3 or breakout rooms to discuss the answer.
  3. After a few minutes, bring the group back together and ask a few groups to volunteer to discuss their answers.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, breaking the team into different groups for each question for more variety, or the same groups to help folks form deeper bonds and get to know their groups a bit better.

You can also use popular software like Gatheround to do this for you automatically.

3. Show & Tell

We all loved Show & Tell as kids. And that feeling doesn’t go away as an adult — why do you think Instagram is so popular? People love sharing their experiences with each other! Best of all, with this kind of game, you can improve team communication and have fun at the same time. Easily create a Show & Tell event by asking for a specific type of picture and putting together a photo slideshow, giving contributors time to share their stories.

  1. Send a request in advance for a specific picture. For example, your favorite vacation souvenir or worst Christmas present.
  2. Display the images one by one
  3. Give each person a minute or two to show and talk about their photo.

Or if you don't want to do all that prep work, you can use ready-made tools to do this live – so you don't have to fuss around with making a slideshow at all.

Ready-to-Play Live Photo Sharing Games

These are games you can play that have photo-sharing built in with no prep work required.

To play you'd just create a free account, copy the deck, and launch!

4. Go on a Virtual Travel Trip

In the past year, so many landmarks and cities have set up virtual tours. Take advantage of these new opportunities by taking your team on a virtual trip of a popular locations in other countries. You can create trivia based on trip and make it an interactive experience.

  1. Decide where you want to take a virtual trip. Mental Floss has a great list for places you can visit virtually. Take some time to narrow down how much you want to see. For example, you don’t want to walk the entire Route 66, but might want to hit the highlights.
  2. Using a presentation program that lets you make interactive games like Slides With Friends to create trivia questions specific to your trip. These can be as serious or wacky as you want.
  3. Invite your team to join you on a great interactive virtual tour.

Don't want to do all that prep work?

Ready-to-Play Travel Games

Here's a great travel game (long and short versions) to play — pre made and ready to go, just copy the game into your account, launch, and have your people join! No prep work required.

  • Travel Game Happy Hour
    A travel-themed game to play as a happy hour.
  • 40-60 minutes, good for 3-50 players
  • Travel Trivia Mini Game
    A shorter, just-trivia version of the above happy hour: if you just want to play it as a quick warm up.
    5-15 minutes, good for 3-200 players

5. Play Guess Who

The classic game of Guess Who is just as fun when you play it virtually. With a little participation from your team, you can create an engaging game while also getting to know each other better.

  1. Send out a few photo requests to your team before you get together. For example, have them send in a baby photo, a picture of their pets, or their favorite hobby.
  2. Using a presentation platform like Google Slides / Powerpoint / Slides With Friends, put together a slide deck with the pictures and a few clues as to who each picture belongs to.
  3. Get your team together to guess which picture belongs to whom and have a blast getting to know your team better.

6. Take a Virtual Museum Tour Together

Museums across the world spent 2020 putting together virtual tours for those who can’t visit in person. You can take your team on an art and culture walk through some of the world’s most stunning museums, all from the comfort of your homes.

  1. Decide on a museum offering virtual tours. You can check out this article by Travel and Leisure to find the best one for your team.
  2. Pick a few iconic exhibits to share with your team.
  3. Create a trivia questions or polls using Slides With Friends. You can present this between exhibits or after the entire tour.
  4. Take time to ask the team about their insights or favorite parts of the tour.

Want something that's already made for you so you don't have to do so much work to get it ready?

Ready-to-Play Travel Happy Hour Game

Here's a tour-themed travel game — pre made and ready to go! Just copy the game into your account, launch, and have your people join. No prep work required.

Travel Trivia

  • A travel-themed game to play as a happy hour.
  • 40-60 minutes, good for 3-50 players

7. Play Charades

Virtual meetings already have all the components for a great game of charades. All you need is a camera setup and enough team members willing to get up and act out a few words. In fact, some of these prompts can be done without even standing up!

  1. Divide your team into two or three teams, depending on how many people you have.
  2. Use this charades idea generator to narrow down your categories and get charade ideas.
  3. Using Zoom’s Spotlight feature, have one person act out the word while the rest of their team tries to guess. Set a timer to keep game time moving.

8. Play Minute to Win It

There are plenty of game shows that translate easily to virtual events and one of our favorites is Minute to Win It. The key to this game is giving your team a heads up and picking rounds with easy-to-find items.

  1. Pick several Minute to Win It games from this list by Team Building.
  2. Let your team know what supplies they’ll need to participate in the games.
  3. Create a presentation platform like Slides With Friends to describe each challenge and keep track of time.
  4. Divide your team into two groups and have them pick a representative for each challenge. Whichever group wins the most rounds wins the game!

9. Pet Events

There are sure to be plenty of people on your team that have pets. Since seeing a pet interrupt a Zoom meeting is already the best part of your teams day, making a virtual event based on their fur babies is one way to bring your team closer together.

  1. Request pictures and a few bits of information about your team’s pets.
  2. Use a presentation program like Slides With Friends and Zoom to create a slideshow of your team’s pets and create fun little blurbs using the information you were given.

As an added bonus, you can create a poll or trivia questions based on your pet show!

10. Remote Work Bingo

A game of remote work bingo is a great way to remind teams that they’re all in this together. A shorter game that’s perfect for before a meeting, you can find a great remote work bingo card here.

  1. Send your remote work bingo card to your team. You can use the one above or create your own at Bingo Baker.
  2. Choose a caller to announce different squares at random. Give a few moments after each call to allow for conversation.
  3. The first person to complete a full row, wins!

11. Word Blurt

If you want a simple, fast game to be part of your virtual event, Word Blurt is a funny option. A quick word-association game, you can opt for image or word prompts and have people ‘blurt’ the first word that comes to mind. Read more about Word Blurt (and find other short games to play) in our article 5 Minute Team Building Activities.

  1. Create a list of five random words or images.
  2. Choose one person to say the first word that comes to mind when they see the prompt word or image.
  3. As an alternative, you can also allow the whole group to respond when they see the prompt.

Don't want to spend all that time making your own?

12. Solve Riddles

For the lateral thinkers in your group, a set of progressively harder riddles is a fantastic way to get your team working together. You can create your own deck of riddles using Words With Friends, use the already created pictogram puzzle slides, or use a service like 100 Point Challenge.

All you need is Zoom, a few good riddles, and you’ll be ready to start solving together!

13. Enjoy a Virtual Concert

While this might not encourage interaction as a team, there is something about sharing a musical event together. You can find a wide range of live stream concerts. Either log-in and share the event from your computer or provide team members with their own access codes so you can all enjoy a concert from home!

Check out Song Kick or Billboard for some virtual concert options.

14. Typing Speed Races

There’s something about a little competition that can bring people together. And since we all have to type anyways, why not turn it into a competition? Have your team go head to head or type at the same time to see who has the best score.

  1. Find a program for your team to use together. Our favorites are Type Rush, Typing Test, or Nitro Type.
  2. Have people race head to head to see who has the fastest score. Use Zoom Spotlight to showcase the two racers.
  3. As an alternative, have everyone race at the same time and share their times. Or split the group into teams and whoever has the highest score as a team, wins!

15. Virtual Tastings

While virtual tastings might require a little extra work on your part, they’re definitely worth the effort. Pick something that’s easy to mail out to your team, like chocolates, beers, or other snacks. Once your whole team has their package, jump on Zoom to taste, critique, and repeat.

Even though chocolate is always a winner, we’re big fans of sharing snacks from different parts of the world! There are thousands of real-world tasting / live virtual hosted events to pick from, for instance Dallmann Fine Chocolates, if you want to have the event hosting (and the packaging/shipping of tasting items) taken care of for you.

Lately, we're all about Virtual Beer Tastings. You can opt to let a professional host curate your beers, send them to you, and then guide your team through the tasting. Or, if you're feeling ambitious, you can host your own beer tasting. Our Virtual Beer Tasting Template takes a lot of the guesswork out of crafting your own DIY tasting.

16. Guess the Emoji Board

In this game, you have your team send in a screenshot of their emoji board, which should feature their most used emojis.

Here are a few quick steps to play Guess the Emoji Board

  1. Before you get together, ask for screenshots of emoji boards from a few team members. Make sure they’re comfortable sharing!
  2. Use a presentation software, like Words With Friends or PowerPoint, to show the boards to the group, one at a time.
  3. Have members guess whose board it is and award points to those who guess right!
  4. Go through each picture and whoever has the most points at the end wins!

Guess the Emoji Board is a quick game that can bring some levity to the group before or after work.

17. Play Werewolf

Werewolf is an absolute favorite game of mine, so I was thrilled to find out you could play it virtually. Just be prepared for this game to get heated as more and more people die and people start throwing accusations around!

  1. Assign roles to each member of the team. There should be at least 1 Werewolf, 1 Seer, 1 Healer/Doctor, and the rest of the team are townspeople.
  2. Have everyone close their eyes and mute their mics. Call the order of the players and have them private message you their requests.
  3. Have everyone open their eyes and announce who, if anyone, has died in the night.
  4. For a set amount of time (more for larger groups), allow the group to discuss who they think is the werewolf and have them vote.
  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 until the werewolf is either caught or wins!

For more detailed directions on how to play, check out How to Play Werewolf Over Zoom.

18. Scavenger Hunt

In a virtual scavenger hunt, you can opt to do everything online/phones or actually have team members get up and search their house. My preference is a desk scavenger hunt, with teams sending in pictures that are then shared on a deck created with Slides With Friends. But, Team Building also has a great virtual scavenger hunt you can check out.

  1. Break your team into two groups and place them in break out groups.
  2. Assign each group a list of items they need to find within a specific timeframe.
  3. Once the time is up, go through each list and see which team found the most items. The team with the most points wins!

Or, don't want to do all that work?

Ready-to-Play Scavenger Hunt Game

Here's a great scavenger hunt — pre made and ready to go, just copy the game into your account, launch, and have your people join! No prep work required.

Scavenger Hunt!

  • A find-this-item-in-your-house game. Each person take a photo and send it in to prove they've found it! Then 4 pics are shown at random for each.
  • 15-25 minutes, good for 3-200 players

19. Mixology and Cocktail Hour

Having a mixology presentation and cocktail hour with your team will combine two fan favorites: A show and alcohol. Find a mixologist offering virtual presentations and get your team together to watch and learn. End the evening with a small cocktail hour, with everyone taking turns to discuss their favorite drink. Don’t forget the teetotalers out there and include a mocktail or two.

If you don't want to create your own game or tasting menu here, you can use pre-made games!

Ready-to-Play Cocktail Happy Hour Game

Pre made and ready to go, just copy the game into your account, launch, and have your people join! No prep work required.

Cocktail Convos

  • A trivia and icebreaker game about intoxicating beverages
  • 40-60 minutes, good for 3-50 players

20. Hire an Entertaining Host

One of the best ways to keep your team entertained during a virtual event is to hire a professional. There are a few fan favorite options for finding an entertaining host for your next team event.

Bonus: 21. Solve a Crime

While having a virtual murder mystery party might fall under hiring an entertaining host, it’s so much fun it deserved its own number.

Get your team working together and solving crimes with one of Team Buildings virtual murder mystery games. Just pick your favorite scenario and leave the rest to the professionals. You’ll have a host who will get your team engaged and keep things running smoothly.

Bonus: 22. Play a Puzzle or Brainteaser

Want to exercise your brain muscles with your team? Get everyone together and challenge them with a brainteaser or two! Here's a great list to give you a head start of teaser ideas. Or if you'd like something that's already put together, try the one above out! It's a series of pictograms you'd all solve together with your team.

Why do the work of running virtual events?

Need to convince your boss that this is vital work? Virtual events increase team engagement and decreases many of the negative effects that come with remote work. According to a Gallup study “Virtual team-building exercise leads to an increase in employee performance rate, claims 41% lower absenteeism and 21% higher profitability.

These virtual events have also been found to promote creativity, boost collaboration between people, build diverse relationships within the company, and strengthen a positive work culture. All of this only serves to improve the cohesion of your teams. In an almost post-pandemic world, these events are some of the only ways to promote worker buy-in and connect between teams.

So not only are these events beneficial to your business, they help employees, too.

How to Use Slides with Friends to Build your Own (totally customized for your group) Virtual Event

Follow the simple steps below to get started with your customizable Slides With Friends event.

  1. Visit and create a free account.
  2. Select from our list of popular pre-made decks if you don't want start from scratch, or if you want to have an already-created base and tweak it to make it your own!
  3. To start from scratch: go to “New Slide Deck” in the top right corner.
  4. Name your new deck and add a title to your event deck.
  5. Click on “Add Slide” and pick what your first slide will be. Slides With Friends offers multiple choice, user votes, image share, rating slides, and more!
  6. Decide if you want to change the layout, add scoring options, or put a timer on your slides. Keep creating slides until you have all the content you want.
  7. Click “Start an Event” in the top right when you’re ready to get going.
  8. Have people join your event by sharing your screen on Zoom or your virtual conferencing platform of choice. They can join on their phones using the QR code or URL provided.
  9. Host your very own, personalized virtual event!

If you still

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