Apps like Slido — The 5 Best Alternatives for Interactive Presentations

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Gaybrelle Rhodes
Apps like Slido — The 5 Best Alternatives for Interactive Presentations

Whether it's the hefty price tag, slide number limits, or generally sterile feel — Are you looking for a different option than Slido? 

With years of experience in the interactive presentation software field, we're experts, and we've put together a list of the top 5 interactive polling, Q&A, and presentation tools on the web. So, if you want to engage and interact with your audience—especially if there's data in your presentation— here are five apps like Slido / alternatives to Slido that do the same things (and some of them better).  

1. Slides With Friends 

Slides With Friends is one of our favorite interactive presentation tools. It works great for virtual, hybrid, and in-person presentations, provides interactive decks that will keep your audience's attention. The platform offers several unique features like live photo sharing, team building exercises, live word clouds, audience polling, trivia and quizzes, score-keeping, and text answer questions.  

Of course, if you’d like to customize a deck before your event, don't worry. Slides With Friends lets you update the colors, questions, and design of your deck to fit the feel and needs of your presentation. 

Once everything is ready to go, showcase your screen with attendees. For virtual events, share your screen. For in-person meetings, make sure everyone can see your monitor. 

Then, tell your audience to use their mobile devices to join the fun and submit their responses. Everyone's answers will display on your screen, allowing attendees to see and engage with each other's replies, creating an even more vibrant and lively presentation. 

Slides With Friends provides all these fun features at a cost-effective rate. You can enjoy the interactive slide decks for free with up to ten players. For larger groups, the price ranges only from $8 to $24 per month. 

2. Kahoot 

Kahoot is an interactive platform that makes learning more engaging and fun, whether it's happening online or in person. It's great if you're training employees at work or need to teach your audience something during a meeting or presentation. 

Kahoot's goal is to ensure your attendees retain vital information and offers good features like puzzles and polls to accomplish that goal. However, if you're not teaching or training your audience to do something, Kahoot may not be the best tool. Also, the platform starts at $17. There's no free option. 

3. Mentimeter

Another app like Slido is Mentimeter, which offers interactive decks to help you engage your audience. You can use the platform for virtual or in-person meetings. 

Mentimeter also provides several features like polls, surveys, word clouds, and live polling. But keep in mind you may not be able to use all of these features unless you pay money. Mentimeter's free plan only allows you to create up to two question slides and five quiz slides. 

4. Vevox

Vevox is another app like Slido. It helps you engage with hybrid and virtual audiences, and it integrates with popular tools like Zoom, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams.

Vevox also comes with standard features like polls, surveys, Q&A, word clouds, and quizzes. But it does provide some unique capabilities as well. For example, Vevox lets attendees submit answers anonymously to reduce fear and judgment. However, while this app is a good alternative to Slido, it can be pricey. If you work at an enterprise, you could pay up to $199 per month. 

5. AhaSlides

With interesting features like spinner wheels and sliding scales, AhaSlides is an app like Slido that will help you interact with your audience in fresh ways. It provides pre-made templates that you can customize to fit your needs. But some of those customization capabilities aren't accessible unless you sign up for a paid plan

Additionally, AhaSlide’s free plan only allows a maximum of seven participants, but that might not be a deal breaker if you want an app that operates similarly to Slido but comes with unique features. 

Interactive Tools Get Better Engagement

Delivering an excellent presentation isn't easy. It doesn't matter if you're a manager speaking to a small team or talking to thousands at a conference. Enticing people to engage and interact during your presentation is challenging, especially if your discussion includes data. 

Oftentimes, presentations contain statistics, and it's usually for a good reason. Numbers can help paint a picture of an industry issue, your marketing team's success, or employee engagement and turnover. But failing to showcase those numbers in an engaging way can be the death of your presentation. 

"A bar graph here, and a pie chart there, and you're off to the races, right? Not so fast. Because while a good presentation includes data, data alone doesn't guarantee a good presentation. It's not the mere presence of data that gives the presenter power. It's how that data is presented." Joel Schwartzberg, Present Your Data Like a Pro, Harvard Business Review

Slido is a Q&A and polling platform that helps presenters engage their audience at virtual and in-person events. Slido's high-profile clients and media exposure have helped it gain significant brand awareness. But while Slido is a good tool, it's not the best on the market. 

There are other apps like Slido that offer better benefits. Some of them are also extremely cost-effective, even though they offer more features than Slido.

Use apps like Slido to engage your audience

Slido is a good tool, but there are other apps you can use to engage your audience. You don't have to settle for the norm and use a trending platform. If you want your presentations to include unique and fun elements, try something different. Use apps like Slido that offer new, exciting ways to captivate your attendees. 

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