The 7 Best Learning and Development Software Tools

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The 7 Best Learning and Development Software Tools

Building a strong learning and development plan is key to business success. To do this, you need the right people, resources, and tools. 

The best learning and development tools improve your team’s efficiency by enabling simultaneous training for employees, no matter where they are. They engage them with gamified features, offering flexible learning opportunities, both online and offline. 

This article focuses on essential tools for an effective learning and development strategy. We'll explore user-friendly online platforms that help train and develop employees.

Slides With Friends

Modern L&D programs give priority to active engagement over passive content delivery. Instead of traditional face-to-face sessions where employees just listen, trainers now aim to create interactive learning experiences and introduce learners to each other. 

Slides With Friends is perfectly aligned with this approach because it encourages active participation. 

The platform offers dozens of ready-to-use templates that can be easily adapted to your team's learning needs to make sure everyone in the group is engaged. Interactive elements like brainstorming sessions and word clouds provide a different way to present content. Real-time monitoring is also made possible with features like quizzes and live polling, allowing trainers to make the most of the learning sessions. 

This tool is cost-effective as it eliminates the need for physical presence. Anyone can join by scanning a QR code or clicking a link, and the only requirement is access to a device with an internet connection. This makes Slides With Friends a great choice for companies with remote or multi-location teams. It not only ensures that important content is accessible to everyone on your team but also increases employee engagement while at the same time reducing training costs.

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a learning management system (LMS) that offers tools to create engaging content such as employee training courses, interactive assessments, and quizzes. It allows users to convert existing PowerPoint presentations into online courses within minutes. The tool’s Max version also has a content library, boasting over 89k resources for creating courses and a team collaboration space.

Its mobile app makes learning easy on the go and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. iSpring also provides advanced analytics to monitor learners' progress in real time.

Recognized as one of the best authoring tools, iSpring Suite stands out for its intuitive interface, as well as its signature features like interaction templates and dialogue simulations that increase engagement and ensure collaborative learning experiences. 


ProProfs is a cloud-based LMS offering a wide range of products, from quizzes to knowledge bases. It features tools for creating courses, providing feedback, and various learning aids like flashcards. 

With ProProfs, users can create courses from scratch or use templates to train several teams at once. Upload existing materials like Word docs and videos, set quizzes and surveys, track progress, and issue certificates. Additional features include personalized portals, learning paths, branding, roles, and permissions. 

The platform’s adaptability makes it suitable for various industries like manufacturing, nonprofit, hospitality, and healthcare. Its training management system seamlessly integrates with WordPress, Salesforce, and MailChimp. 

Recognized among SoftwareWorld's top online L&D tools, ProProfs is notable for its simplicity and smart analysis.


Whatfix is a digital adoption platform (DAP) known for facilitating employee onboarding and knowledge sharing through interactive in-app guidance. Whatfix integrates seamlessly with processes and applications used by employees, enabling them to learn as they work.

It’s a no-coding platform, which means that L&D teams can create in-app guidance without any coding knowledge. Clear navigation is ensured with features like customizable beacons, pop-ups, and smart tips. 

You can make interactive guides, task lists, self-help sections, and tours right inside the apps. What’s more, Whatfix provides valuable insights through advanced analytics, covering training impact, software engagement, and onboarding progress.

Whatfix stands out for its approach to training employees by offering interactive on-screen guidance. This makes it an ideal solution for onboarding new employees and delivering product knowledge training.


Valamis is a learning experience platform that encourages content sharing and increasing engagement. What makes Valamis unique is that learners can find relevant eLearning content and buy various training programs directly on the platform, allowing them to expand their training beyond the courses created by their company.

The tool comes with data analytics and detailed reporting to ensure users get the most from their training efforts. Valamis is also notable for its security. It adheres to GDPR and follows the highest standards to ensure customer data protection.


Docebo is an LMS that enables trainers to create personalized learning content with AI or use the platform’s library of pre-existing courses. Functioning as a comprehensive solution, the platform includes course authoring, management, and delivery tools, making it ideal for larger organizations with extensive learning and development programs. 

Docebo emphasizes social learning allowing internal experts to share meaningful content that helps increase productivity. Being cloud-based allows the system to be accessible on both iOS and Android mobile devices, leading to higher engagement and retention rates.

In addition to offering advanced features like AI-driven recommendations, Docebo also stands out for its gamification elements, as well as integrations with popular business tools like Zoom, Google Drive, and Salesforce, providing a versatile learning experience.


TalentLMS is an intuitive learning and development platform that allows trainers to design new courses with minimal setup time. It enhances engagement with features like gamification and provides detailed reports for instructors to track learner progress effectively.

The platform boasts a mobile-friendly design, supports multiple languages, and has a fantastic feature enabling you to sell your training courses. It also includes content authoring tools with AI capabilities and a TalentLibrary with over 800 pre-made courses. 

With its mobile-specific features, personalization options, and diverse tools, TalentLMS stands out as a solution for various training requirements, especially employee onboarding and compliance training.

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