Training For Employees - The Best Methods and Tools

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Training For Employees - The Best Methods and Tools

Employee training and development are vital for any organization's growth and success. Whether you're bringing in new team members or enhancing the skills of existing staff, it all starts with selecting the right tools.

However, finding the right employee training methods and tools can seem a bit overwhelming. You can choose from virtual training software, learning management systems, interactive, and even fun gamification apps. So, how do you decide which training for employees is the best for your team?

This post is here to help you make that decision. We’ll go through a list of tools and training methods for employees so that you can determine what your organization needs. 

Slides With Friends 

This tool helps businesses train their employees seamlessly with fun and interactive decks. You can create decks tailored to any topic or field you need. 

What makes Slides with Friends stand out is its focus on active participation, aligning perfectly with what today's training programs for employees prioritize. Unlike traditional training sessions where employees just listen, this platform encourages interactive employee training thanks to its live features. These features include multiple-choice and text questions, charts, graphs, group polls and ratings, quizzes, word clouds, automatic scoring, and more. 

The platform is really simple to use too. It comes with plenty of ready-to-use templates that you can easily tweak without any coding knowledge. When you're ready to start your training session, participants can join in by simply scanning a QR code, and everyone can share responses using their mobile devices, without the need to download an app. 

ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is an easy-to-use employee training tool, perfect for skill-building and compliance training. It comes with 100+ premade courses that include relatable scenarios, flashcards, worksheets, handouts, and assessments. Users can easily customize these courses by adding images, videos, company policies, interactive elements like quizzes and surveys, as well as branding elements. 

ProProfs Training Maker doesn't stop there. It lets learners interact with each other and trainers through a virtual classroom, discussion board, and Q&A forum. Plus, it's mobile-friendly, meaning learners can access training materials anytime and on any device. 


360Learning is a collaborative LMS and eLearning platform equipped with handy tools, including a content integration system, authoring tool, and analytics dashboard. 

The course authoring feature is user-friendly and doesn't require technical skills. You can use one of the premade course templates and make them interesting by adding blog articles, research, and visuals. With 360Learning, your team gets collaborative learning perks, like group pages and discussion boards. The platform has also introduced an AI-powered helper called Robyn to facilitate content creation and collaborative learning. 


TalentLMS is a cloud software for employee training with a variety of features, including tools for creating courses, leaderboards, web conferencing tools, and gamification elements, as well as robust analytics and customizable reports. Thanks to the content creation tools at your disposal, you can easily develop and launch online learning resources to boost employee retention or enhance performance. 

Named Leader in the corporate LMS category by the business software review site G2, TalentLMS boasts an intuitive interface and supports over 30 languages, enhancing the experience for both the L&D team and learners.

iSpring Learn

This employee training platform stands out for its user-friendly interface and built-in tool called iSpring Suite. This tool helps you create interactive online courses quickly, even if you're not a coding expert.

iSpringLearn focuses on social learning and gamification to keep employees engaged during training. It boasts cool features like leaderboards, badges, newsfeeds, and progress reports, and even offers ready-made training courses with an extra subscription. 

iSpringLearn can also measure training success and handle repetitive tasks automatically, making it super useful for businesses looking for concrete results. It supports mobile apps and analytics, which are handy for learning on the go and keeping track of progress.

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