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Enable teachers to shine with interactive teaching and quizzing technology that engages students and makes lessons memorable.
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"In my district it's mandatory to find ways to meaningfully interact with students. Slides With Friends helped me do that. It's innovative, engaging, and new — but I can make a lesson game in ten minutes. The styling of the decks makes me look good."

Melanie Clore, English Literature Professor

"Slides with Friends is a great tool to connect with and engage students, whether online or in person. The interface is so easy, and the outcome is fun, interactive, and involving. Oh and the soundboard, my teenagers loved it... a little too much!"

Josh Nelson, University Christian Church

"As someone who’s been professionally gathering folks for years, I can 100% say that Slides With Friends is a huge breakthrough for any group looking to connect more deeply."

Najva Sol, Head of Product & Marketing

"Slides With Friends has been such an amazing addition to our team's remote stack. This tool brings people together in a way that is rare across the internet."

Steph Smith, Head of Paid Products

Increase student engagement (and test scores)

SlidesWith is a unique teaching tool that enables interaction and critical thinking within a group. Teachers can use it to build interactive socratic lessons, test for understanding, make quizzing fun, and more. The more involved and active students are, the better they'll learn and retain.

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More than just quizzing

SlidesWith is designed not just for formative assessment. Built specifically to help connect and engage groups, students can experience a fun, safe, and pro-social learning environment, enabling them to learn better. Teachers can
check in on the group's feeling with word clouds, gauge understanding instantly with live quizzes, and more — SlidesWith make teaching a whole-group-interaction, rather than a one-to-many lecture.

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Assessment & Reports

Enable easy quizzing and live feedback in the classroom. Students can send private feedback to teachers, and results of each assessment are available after the fact in a recap or downloadable csv.

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"Slides with Friends is a great tool to connect with and engage a classroom, whether online or in person. The user interface is easy and intuitive, and the outcome is fun, interactive, and involving. Oh and the soundboard, my students loved it... a little too much!"

Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson, High School Minister
University Christian Church

How it works

Teachers create lessons or quizzes

Instructors can build tests or assessments in a familiar slide deck interface (or just pick from ready-to-play quiz and lesson decks). They add multiple choice questions, open-text answer questions, class-voting, live polls, word clouds, and more, as new slides.


Teach, test, and discuss together live

Teachers display their lesson on a projector or screen and students join in easily on phones or computers. The class can send in live responses: everything from discussion topics, to quiz answers, to poll responses, to silly sounds.

Learn through engagement and interaction

Teachers feel the excitement and responsiveness using Slides With friends. Students participate more and Hear from a real teacher to


Teacher Case Study

Hear from a real instructor using SlidesWith to engage her students. Mackenzie Moloney is a high school teacher whose students perked up and came to life with interactive quizzes, games, and icebreakers.

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"We received tons of positive feedback after using Slides With Friends. The beauty of this app is that it's so simple to design a unique branded game with questions and tasks on any topic. We loved this as an ice breaker!"

Anna Usova
Partnership Manager
@ Running Remote
"I am always searching for fun, engaging, and unique experiences to facilitate with a group. I discovered SlidesWithFriends and I was blown away! What a great way to get all session attendees laughing, sharing, and connecting."

Elaine Schwartz, Digital Enablement Leader, IBM