45 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities

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45 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities

Is the remote work vibe feeling a bit...remote? Let's fix that. Team-building is a challenge when everyone is tucked away in their home office, so here are some connective and "bring everyone together" activities for when everyone is apart. We've compiled four definitive lists of virtual team-building activities for all your team needs. Big team, small team, or a bunch of work pals looking for something offbeat: we've got it all. Our activities promise engagement, connection, and a serious dose of fun.

The list is in four specific sections so you can find an activity that’s exactly right for your group. Ready to jumpstart your team's spirit? Let's dive in.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities For Work

If you're ready to turn those team Zoom meetings and Slack channels into spaces of genuine connection and camaraderie, then you've come to the right place. Managers, it's time to buckle up, because we're about to turbo-charge team engagement and sprinkle some serious fun into the workday. Let's get started!

1. Remote Coffee Breaks

Casual chats matter too. How about a weekly video call for a 'coffee break'? It's the virtual version of watercooler conversations! Wondering what to do / talk about? here are 40 great ideas for how to run a virtual coffee break.

2. Virtual Trivia Throwdown

Who doesn't love trivia? Fire up some friendly competition with a quiz on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or use Slides With Friends to run your own trivia games. You could make it about anything—industry stuff, company trivia, or even random general knowledge. You can use pre-made games for a seamless trivia experience.

If you don't want to do a ton of work, you can grab ready-to-play trivia games and let your team compete (with no work on your end ;)

These decks play like interactive powerpoint trivia games. Just launch a presentation, join on your phones, and play along.

3. Online Book Club

Reading alone is great but reading together? That's a whole other story! Start a monthly virtual book club where your team can discuss a chosen book. It could be industry-related or for personal development. Sites like BookClubz can help manage your club.

4. Home Office Show-and-Tell

Let everyone share their workspaces in a virtual tour. It's a fun way to see where your team works every day and pick up some home office hacks along the way. Or you can also play by sharing photos of things from home, using a photo sharing game called "Catch up with your Crew".

5. Cook-Along

Who's up for a cook-off? Pick a simple recipe and let everyone cook together over a video call. It's a delicious change of pace and a chance to explore different cuisines. Check out The Chef & The Dish for some cook-along inspiration.

6. Remote Talent Show

Let's see those hidden talents! A virtual talent show lets your team show off their skills or hobbies—could be magic tricks, singing, painting, you name it! Check out how to host a virtual talent show with Flipgrid.

7. Online Board Games or Video Games

Game night, anyone? With platforms like Board Game Arena or Tabletopia, you can play tons of board games remotely. For a video game option, check out cooperative games on Steam.

8. Have an Award Ceremony

Holding an awards ceremony gives your team a chance to recognize and celebrate their strengths and differences.

Launch this Award Ceremony slide deck and spend 10 minutes voting for who deserves an award. The game lets your group vote on fun things like: -The Most Productive -Has the Best Lunches -Learned the Most -Best Listener. Be sure to recognize anyone who might not have won an award, at the end.

9. Fitness Challenge

What about a month-long fitness challenge? Let your team track and share their workout progress. Strava offers great group features to get you started on this healthy competition.

10. Virtual Escape Room

Crack codes together with a virtual escape room experience. It's teamwork, problem-solving, and fun, all in one package. Check out The Escape Game for remote adventures.

11. Guest Speaker Series

How about bringing the pros to your team? Invite industry experts or influencers for a talk, followed by a Q&A session. Services like Speakersbase can help you find the right speaker.

Remember, all work and no play? Not in your team! (In fact the Harvard Review says less work actually gets you more productivity). Be open to feedback and ready to refine these activities to suit your crew's vibes. Have fun!

Virtual Team Building Activities For Large Groups

Working with large groups can be challenging — but it's also an opportunity to create a lot of energy and excitement. Here are ten team-building activities geared specifically towards large, remote teams:

1. Company Culture Quiz

Use Slides With Friends to create a company culture quiz. The platform lets you build your own interactive online quizzes and run them the same way you'd run a PowerPoint presentation. PUtting together a quiz about your workplace culture is s a light-hearted way to reinforce values, goals, and to teach more about your company's story.

2. Big Group Icebreakers

If you want to do something lighthearted and quick with your large group (eg.to get them warmed up and ready for an All Hands meeting) then icebreakers are a great way to go.

This interactive slide deck lets everyone answers your icebreaker questions on their phones. Organizing responses of icebreakers is key so everyone's voice can be heard.

3. Mindfulness and Wellness Session

Invite a wellness expert for a large group session on mindfulness, yoga, or stress management. It's a calm and relaxing way to bring the team together and promote mental well-being. Plus it's easy to have employees do Tree Pose in their living room (rather than renting a huge space). Websites like Headspace offer corporate solutions for this.

4. Collaborative Workshops

Host a workshop where your team can learn something new together—like coding, digital marketing, or a new language. This can be both educational and engaging. Websites like Coursera or Skillshare have a multitude of courses to choose from.

5. Online Karaoke Party

Let the good times roll with a virtual karaoke night! It's time to get loose and maybe discover some hidden singing stars in your team. Platforms like Watch2Gether can make syncing music easy and accessible for everyone, then just use YouTube to play karaoke versions of songs to the whole group.

6. Virtual Trade Show

Organize a virtual trade show or just "present a topic you're an expert in" presentation time, where teams or individuals can present on a specific topic, product, or strategy they've been working on. Platforms like vFairs or 6Connex can help you create an immersive experience.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Who said you can't have an adventure at home? Use a pre-made list of interesting "find-it" items, and let players share photos of their finds. It's a fun way for individuals to both move around their homes (physical movement is a great way to get your team feeling positive) and also to connect by sharing their located items.

This is an interactive slide deck that tells your group what to find, and lets them share images of those items.

8. Crowdsourced Idea Generation

Use a tool like Slides With Friends to have a large brainstorming session. Team members can contribute ideas in real-time and collaborate on solutions, promoting a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

9. "Two Truths and a Lie" Icebreaker

This classic icebreaker game can be a hoot! Each person shares two true statements and one false about themselves in a chatbox, and the team guesses which is the lie. It's a fun way to learn surprising facts about your colleagues! You can also use interactive tools to help you organize the guesses and turn it into a lighthearted competition. Try out this Two Truth and a Lie interactive game template that lets you enter in your team's truths and lies (that they can email to you in advance) and then tallies everyone's guesses for you, displaying the winners at the end.

10. Speed Networking

Speed networking is a structured and fast-paced event where participants can interact with each other one-on-one, just like speed dating. Tools like Mixtroz can help you set up a fantastic virtual speed networking event.

With larger teams, it's all about managing the chaos and facilitating engagement. Remember, the aim is to have fun and foster connectedness in your team. Enjoy!

Virtual Team Building Activities For Small Groups

Smaller teams often allow for more personalized and deep interaction. Here are virtual team-building activities specifically designed for small groups:

1. Virtual Wine or Beer Tasting

Spice up the usual happy hour with a drink. You can host a tasting that's hired out with an expert for best results (and so they do the work of shiping the drinks to your crew for you). There are a ton of options to choose from: check out a list of great beer tastings and this list of excellent wine tastings. Or you can put together your own tasting — here's an interactive wine tasting game deck you could play while all tasting wines together.

2. Netflix Party

Stream a movie or binge a series together using Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party). It's a chill way to unwind and chat over shared entertainment.

3. Mini Hackathon

Challenge your team to create something valuable within a set time frame. It could be a new software feature, a business strategy, or a marketing plan. This encourages collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.

4. Virtual DIY Craft Class

Get hands-on with a craft class, like origami or painting. You can send DIY kits to each team member beforehand. Websites like CraftJam offer various craft workshops.

5. "Day in the Life" Presentations

Allow each team member to present a 'Day in the Life' slideshow of their routine. It helps team members understand each other's lifestyles and builds empathy. You can also use this "catch up" game to make it easier to organize, allowing members to share images from their day-to-day.

This is a game deck you can copy and launch like a slide deck presentation. Your team joins in on their phones and can share pictures with the group together.

6. Group Meditation

Start your day with a guided group meditation. This promotes mindfulness and can set a positive tone for the day. Check out Calm for guided meditations.

7. Dedicated Learning Time

Encourage lifelong learning by dedicating a specific time each week for team members to learn something new and then share it with the group. This could be a course from Udemy, a TED talk, or a relevant podcast episode.

8. Themed Costume Contest

Organize a themed costume party over video call. Themes could include '80s retro, superheroes, or even 'dress as your favorite meme.' This light-hearted activity brings a dash of creativity and humor to the team.

9. Virtual Campfire

Create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere where team members can share stories, tell jokes, or share personal anecdotes. Brightful offers a virtual campfire game perfect for small groups.

Creative Virtual Team Building Activities

Here are some slightly oddball but totally engaging virtual team-building activities:

1. Have a Mindful Lunch Together

Bring your team together over zoom with their food, and play this simple, connective game that walks you and your group through a mindful eating activity.

Just run it like a slide deck presentation, and let your players share their experiences by joining in to the presentation on their phones on computers and send seamless reactions.

2. Pet Show-and-Tell

We all know someone who loves showing off their furry friend. Why not host a pet show-and-tell? Those without pets can share their favorite plant or a cherished object instead. It's a light-hearted way to see a different side of your colleagues.

3. Alien Invasion Strategy

Set a hypothetical scenario where aliens are invading Earth, and your team is tasked with devising a peaceful resolution strategy. This activity promotes creative thinking and collaboration, all while having some interstellar fun.

4. Home Office Cribs

Remember MTV Cribs? Time for your team's version! Have everyone give a fun, over-the-top tour of their home office, complete with commentary. This could lead to some laughs and maybe some décor inspiration!

5. Sock Puppet Show

Send everyone a DIY sock puppet kit and have them put on a mini puppet show. It's a quirky, creative activity that's sure to have everyone chuckling.

6. Dance Party Breaks

Randomly throughout the week, call a quick dance party break where everyone gets up and shakes it off on camera. This is a quick, fun way to inject energy into the workday. Check out Dance Party for an online platform.

7. Virtual Reality Meetup

If your team has access to VR headsets, meet up in a virtual world! Platforms like AltspaceVR provide a unique, immersive social experience.

8. Emoji Storytelling

Have your team create and share stories using only emojis in a chatbox. It's a fun, modern twist on the classic game of charades.

9. Online Magic Class

Bring some magic to your team by hiring a magician to teach a few tricks over a video call. Websites like Online Magic School offer group classes.

10. Costume Work Day

Who says costumes are just for Halloween? Spice up a regular workday by having everyone show up to the video call in a full-on costume. Best costume gets bragging rights!

11. Silent Book Club

Borrowing the concept from the Silent Book Club, everyone reads their own book quietly on a video call together, followed by a casual conversation about what everyone is reading. It's like a study hall for grown-ups, promoting a love of reading in a shared, quiet companionship.

These activities should take your team-building efforts into the realm of the wonderfully weird, encouraging camaraderie and connection, while keeping everyone on their toes. Enjoy the fun!

Looking for just a straight-up game made for team building? Try out some of these ready-to-play slide decks. They're interactive, simple, and fun for the whole team.

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