Connect Your CommunityCoworkersClassroom

Bring people together with events that let your audience play along. Slides With Friends lets you build and host icebreakers, happy hour games, trivia, real-time surveys, and much more — customized however you see fit.

Use anywhere you can share your screen

How it works

1Start an event and share your screen

Start an event from one of our popular decks or create one from scratch, then share your screen using your favorite software.

2Ask your group to join on their phones

Your audience can join easily with a QR code or a short url right from their phone browser, no downloads required 👌

3 Play, Talk, Share, Laugh

Bring your team together with an experience that's fun, memorable, and customized just for your group.

The right content for your team

Find a deck you love and customize it to create the event you want. Add your content, your brand, and a few inside jokes — or just play it as-is.

Harry Potter Trivia

🎨 Design School 101

Startup Happy Hour

Office Holiday Party!🎄

Travel Trivia ✈️ Mini game

Movies Trivia Game

Happy Hour Hang 🍻

Cocktail Convos🍸 Happy Hour

Tea vs. Coffee Icebreaker

Slides with Friends helps you stay together.

Make unique and engaging experiences for the people you care about. Use your own content to personalize your presentations, make events feel special, and have real fun — no matter where you are.

Build a trivia game for friends

Make questions and make friends. You can add multiple choice, open ended, and "players vote on best" question slides, for worlds of possibilities of games.

Show coworkers you're hilarious

(But, professional). Use brainstorming sessions, live audience ratings, and icebreakers to add some team spirit. It's interactive powerpoint to make Zoom meetings just a bit more fun.

Poll classmates for a group project

Engage your classroom with live voting that gives you real-time feedback, or start a student brainstorming session to decide on the best direction for your group.

Share a family-photo-quiz for mother's day

Make remote events special again with custom games personalized to your loved ones. Quiz about family vacations, see who can remember dad's birthday, and share photos that bring back memories.

Slides & Interactions

Multiple Choice

Use this for surveys, trivia games, quizes, polls, and other uses where there are a fixed set of responses. Mark anything from none to all answers as correct.

Rating Slide

Collect feedback from the group about anything you want: use a variety of scales from Emoji ratings, numbers, or Likert scales. Optionally display the group average and/or who responded what.