Best Remote Training Software for Modern Employees

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Best Remote Training Software for Modern Employees

If your team is in all different locations, the best way to train is remote. What tools can we use to make learning better for them and teaching easy for us? We’ve got years of experience with interactive learning tools. Here’s a great list of the best remote training tools for e learning and remote job training.

Slides With Friends

Slides With Friends equips trainers with a remote training tool that makes participants care about the training. Gone are the days of having a trainer speak while the trainees passively listen.

With Slides with Friends, you can turn your slides into a two-way conversation with your participants. Features like quizzes, live polls, and word clouds give you instant feedback on your training material. You can use this data to track their progress and performance, and to tailor your future training sessions to their needs and preferences.

Easily create interactive training sessions in a few clicks or start from a templte or premade interactive starter deck and edit it via the online interface. To have your trainees join, share your session’s QR code or invite URL and anyone can join from their mobile device, there’s no need for an account.


WizIQ is a virtual classroom and LMS (Learning Management System) software that helps you deliver self-paced online courses. Whether you want to teach business skills, leadership, or project management, WizIQ can help you deliver online training to your employees across the globe.

As a remote training software, WizIQ comes with all the e-learning tools you need. Whiteboards, polling, and live chat offer a variety of ways to interact with your participants and keep them engaged.

You can also create quizzes, tests, surveys, and breakout rooms to assess trainee’s learning and ease collaboration. Additionally, you can upload content in many formats, such as PDF, PPT, DOC, and SCORM. Or choose from hundreds of ready-made courses, or customize them to fit your needs.

WizIQ’s main drawback is its limited free plan, which allows only up to 10 people per training.


EdApp is a mobile-first learning management system that lets you create and deliver engaging training courses to your employees. Whatever you want to teach, EdApp can help you reach them anytime, anywhere.

With EdApp, you can create bite-sized microlearning courses in minutes, using their easy-to-use creator tool. You can also choose from hundreds of ready-made courses in their library, or customize them to suit your needs with AI. The platform accepts content in many formats, such as PDF, PPT, DOC, and SCORM. It also lets you spice up your courses with gamification, social learning, and spaced repetition features.

AI course creation with EdApp

Additionally, EdApp comes with features to track and measure your learners’ progress and performance, using their analytics and reporting tools. You can see how well they are learning the material, and adjust your training accordingly. You can also motivate and reward them with certificates, badges, and leaderboards.

EdApp’s main drawback is that its user interface is not very intuitive, and that it lacks some features like video conferencing. But the latter issue can be solved with the tool’s integrations with Zoom and similar platforms.


iSpring is a complete remote training software for trainers looking to get the most out of their training sessions.

Their learning LMS lets you create all sorts of trainings — compliance, product, sales, channel partner, and more — in your favorite format. Whether you want a full-fledged course or a series of bite-sized microlessons, you can easily design and deliver them with iSpring.

The platform also comes with powerful tracking and measuring features. By analyzing how well your employees are learning the material, you can design more effective and personalized learning paths for them. You can also use iSpring’s gamification and social learning features to motivate and engage your learners, and foster a collaborative learning culture.

But all this power comes at a cost. iSpring is not a cheap software; you’ll need to invest a significant amount of money to access its full potential. Each learner seat costs $2.99/month, which means the costs will ramp up quickly for any medium-sized training session.


Arlo is a learning platform ideal for creating and managing diverse training courses. It provides an intuitive interface that simplifies course creation, allowing trainers to design and implement training programs effectively. The software is engineered to accommodate different types of training, striking a balance between customizable features and user-friendly pre-set options. This flexibility makes it suitable for various training scenarios, from small workshops to larger educational courses.

However, the platform has some limitations. Users have noted that certain aspects of course creation and management are not as customizable as they would prefer. While Arlo allows integration with various third-party tools, the need for multiple integrations can sometimes lead to a disjointed experience. Additionally, the management of course content and the participant experience could benefit from more streamlined processes and fewer dependencies on external software.

Arlo is perfect for organizations that focus on a variety of training events and courses, particularly those that require efficient management of administrative details, such as scheduling, registration, and venue coordination. It's ideal for mid to large-scale training providers who need a robust system to handle multiple training events seamlessly.


Braincert is an online learning platform designed to facilitate the creation and management of educational content. It enables educators to build and develop their teaching businesses with ease. High-quality practice exams and device accessibility are among its standout features.

It stands out with high-quality practice exams that are valuable for preparing for upcoming tests. T appreciate the platform's accessibility across various devices, which simplifies delivering training material​​​​​​.

However, Braincert has some drawbacks,he user experience (UX) of the dashboards could be more productive, and navigation between different components like courses, questions, and exams is sometimes confusing​​​​​​. The platform is well-suited for educators or businesses focused on exam preparation and online learning. Its features cater to those who need a platform for creating and delivering high-quality practice exams and courses, especially in an academic or certification context.


Mentimeter is a presentation tool that makes it easy to create interactive presentation.

With Mentimeter, you can create slides with different types of questions, such as polls, quizzes, word clouds, and matrices. Its online editor lets you import slides from PowerPoint or Google Slides (albeit as a paid feature), start from one of its many ready-made templates, or build a presentation from scratch.

Slide creation with Mentimeter

To connect with your audience, you just need to share your presentation code. The session is joinable from smartphones, tablets, or laptops without the need of an account.

Participants can answer your questions in real time, and see the results on the screen. You can also download the results and use them to improve your future sessions.

However, the free plan has severe limitations. It doesn't let you import slides from other apps, nor export the training's result to Excel. Plus, it's limited to 50 participants per month. You'll have to buy the basic plan to overcome these limitations.


Slido is a standout tool for enhancing the interactivity of training sessions, recognized for its user-friendly interface and efficient setup.

It excels in creating and delivering engaging content, particularly through its robust poll and Q&A features. These elements are not only easy to implement but also make audience participation seamless.

The platform comes with real-time feedback features. These help you gauge your trainees' engagement and understanding. You can then use the data to steer your session and improve your future ones. Slido's main drawback in this area is its lack of gamification features. Progress tracking could also be better.

Participants and trainers alike appreciate Slido's minimal learning curve. Also, the software's compatibility with Google Slides and PowerPoint ensures a smooth integration into existing training formats.

However, Slido's main drawback lies in its free version. It limits the number of polls to 3, and it lacks a more intuitive presenter interface. Plus, the platform's visuals can make it hard to know what to do next.

Despite these limitations, Slido remains a powerful tool for transforming conventional training sessions into dynamic, interactive experiences.


Trainual is a platform designed to streamline business training and policy organization. Known for its effectiveness in onboarding and ongoing employee training, Trainual offers a simple interface and practical organization of content.

The software's main weakness is its editor's layout. It can become cumbersome when trying to break down training into more detailed or granular steps. This indicates that while Trainual is effective for standard training modules, it may have limitations in accommodating highly specialized or intricate training workflows that require more nuanced customization.

Thus, Trainual is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses seeking an organized and straightforward approach to onboarding and continuous employee training. Its simple interface and structured content organization make it a great tool for companies looking to standardize and streamline their training processes.


Kahoot! stands out for its ability to make learning interactive and enjoyable. Creating and delivering training through Kahoot! is straightforward, catering to all learning levels without prior experience required. The platform's game and quiz formats are particularly effective in engaging audiences, making it a top choice for both educational and corporate settings​​.

The software shines in its ease of use, appealing to a broad audience ranging from young students to adults. Its simple design and engaging elements like bright colors and catchy music transform mundane quizzes into exciting competitions. Joining a session is as easy as accessing the website and entering a code, making it highly accessible​​.

Kahoot's slides editor

However, Kahoot!'s gamification approach is not without drawbacks. One limitation is the inability to revise answers once submitted, which can be frustrating for some users. Plus, it requires a good internet connection, which impacts mobile users the most.

But the main issue with Kahoot! is its lack of integration with other educational management systems like Google Classroom, which limits its utility in tracking performance and aligning with broader educational tools.


DynDevice is a tool that gets a lot of things right for remote training. It's great for managing courses and organizing training, especially from a distance.

The software offers a broad range of online courses which can be customized to fit different training needs, making it useful for many types of training, including mandatory ones. Its reporting features are well-liked, allowing for efficient tracking of participants' progress​​.

But, the software can be a bit complex to learn and use. It takes effort to understand and make use of its capabilities. Some users have noted that it's a bit rigid and formal in its design. Also, creating or modifying courses might need some technical knowledge, like writing in HTML​​.

Joining a session is straightforward, but the platform's layout can feel confusing. Luckily, the software is quick in activating courses and sending access credentials via email​​.

The main drawback of DynDevice is its user interface, which can be challenging for new users. It also seems to need regular updates, which might require a dedicated person to manage the software efficiently​​.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a juggernaut in the online learning space. Its perfect integration with other products of the Google Suite make it a solid choice for sharing and managing educational materials.

Teachers can create training materials with Google Slides and Docs, and deliver them via Classroom without needing any specialized knowledge.

However, Google Classroom can be tricky for those not used to Google's educational tools. It lacks some features found in complete Learning Management Systems, and it's not always great on mobile devices. Still, it’s a solid choice if you’re looking to centralize learning and communication in a single hub. Classroom is especially good for onboarding and ongoing workplace training.

The main issue is that it needs more advanced features and updates. Yet, its ease of use, no cost, and integration with Google services make it a helpful remote training tool for trainers and employees.

ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is a highly acclaimed tool for its versatility in creating and delivering online training. It integrates smoothly with company systems like Salesforce and is noted for its ease of use. Even those with limited technical skills find it straightforward to create and customize assessments, quizzes, surveys, and polls. The platform is accessible across devices, making training materials easily available to employees​​.

The platform stands out for allowing interactive content like videos and images, which helps keep learners interested. It also tracks how students are doing, which is great for teachers to understand their progress.

The main challenge is getting used to the system initially, as setting up can be a bit complex. While it's great for quizzes, more variety in training formats could enhance its effectiveness.

Despite these minor issues, ProProfs Training Maker is a solid choice for online training, offering user-friendly features and diverse training capabilities.

Embrace the future of learning and keep upskilling your employees

In today's fast-paced world, keeping your team's skills sharp is crucial. These remote learning tools offer innovative, flexible ways to upskill your employees, regardless of where they are. With options ranging from engaging quizzes to comprehensive course management, each platform brings unique strengths to the table.

By leveraging these technologies, you can ensure that your team not only keeps up with industry trends but also stays ahead of the curve. Embrace these tools, and watch your employees grow, adapt, and succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of work.

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