The Best Microlearning Platforms in 2024

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The Best Microlearning Platforms in 2024

Microlearning platforms are at the forefront, offering short, impactful learning snippets. In 2024, creators have a huge opportunity to use these platforms to create interactive online lessons and meet the demand for accessible and efficient learning.

But with so many choices, how do you pick the best microlearning platform? Don't worry, we've checked out everything for you and found the best options.


microlearning platform to boost knowledge retention

Why we chose it: SlidesWithFriends changes the game in collaborative learning. It lets you work together on presentations and documents in real time. You get live comments and can track changes, making teamwork and sharing knowledge easier.

Benefits for teams: SlidesWithFriends offers a seamless, enriching approach to crafting interactive lessons that are educational, engaging, and enjoyable. The platform enables educators to design bespoke presentations that cater directly to the unique requirements of the teams, moving beyond traditional teaching methods of textbooks and lectures.

SC Training (Formerly EdApp)

microlearning platforms with personalized learning paths

Why we chose it: SC Training is an all-in-one platform: a mobile-friendly learning management system, a tool for creating content, and an app for delivering bite-sized lessons. It has many ready-to-use online courses that you can tweak to fit your needs. Designed to be your go-to for everything learning-related, it features spaced repetition and gamification, making training and engaging employees a breeze.

Benefits for teams: SC Training's mobile-friendly design makes it easy for teams to learn anytime, anywhere. Push notifications keep learners engaged and on track, boosting course completion rates. It makes continuous learning a natural part of an organization's culture, easily fitting into learners' daily lives.


microlearning platform learning strategy

Why we chose it: Qstream is an online microlearning platform that improves employee skills with personal learning experiences. It works well with current HR and learning tech, offering features like bite-sized lessons, knowledge boosts, easy content creation, and real-life tests.

Benefits for teams: Qstream improves employee performance and risk management by focusing on learning through scenarios and assessments. It's about memorizing but also about applying knowledge in real life. This makes Qstream a great tool for businesses looking to sharpen decision-making and efficiency in their teams.

Tovuti LMS

learning platform for employee training

Why we chose it: Tovuti LMS has everything you need to create, launch, and manage your microlearning programs, plus tools to track and assess success. Whether you need quick lessons or full courses, it fits all learning styles and needs. With its easy design and variety of features, it's perfect for any business looking to boost professional growth.

Benefits for teams: Tovuti LMS is designed for learning on the go, which is ideal for remote workers and people who are always moving. It's mobile-friendly and secure, so your team can learn at their pace, wherever they are.


microlearning platform for in person training

Why we chose it: 7taps features user-friendly tools for creating, deploying, and tracking content. What sets 7taps apart is its focus on keeping things simple and efficient, so you can quickly put together powerful, to-the-point courses without needing to be a tech wizard. It's very easy to use, not just for the creators but also for the learners, making it a top pick for any organization looking to nail their microlearning game.

Benefits for teams: 7taps shines by making learning easy and fun for everyone, no matter where or what device they use. It's all about learning on the go and keeping things simple. With 7taps, everyone gets to enjoy and remember the content, leading to more people joining in and getting the hang of things.

iSpring Learn

microlearning platform to deliver training for employees

Why we chose it: iSpring Learn stands out because it nails microlearning with its top-notch automation, making managing learning very easy. It's great at cutting down on admin work, with features like smart groups, auto-course assignments, easy progress checks, and reminders to keep everyone on track. It also lets team leaders step up as admins, giving them direct control to guide training and check everyone's progress. 

Benefits for teams: iSpring Learn turns team learning into fun with games and quizzes. It's mobile-friendly so that learning can happen anytime, anywhere. Automated course management makes life easier, and team leaders can easily track progress. There's also a space for chats, updates, and collaboration. It's got all you need to learn on the go in our busy world.


microlearning platforms for sales team

Why we chose it: Brainshark is an LMS made for sales teams. If you're busy training your team, onboarding newbies, trying to improve knowledge retention, managing different platforms, or just trying to get everyone in sync – Brainshark could simplify your sales training material.

Benefits for teams: Brainshark provides interactive videos and easy LMS connections that make learning smooth and fun. It's super user-friendly — you can upload slides one by one and tweak them as you like. Plus, the quizzes are fun and keep things interesting. The best part? Its powerful analytics let you see how you're doing and where to improve. 

SAP Litmos

microlearning platforms for course creation

Why we chose it: SAP Litmos is one of the best educational programs that helps employees learn and grow. The whole setup is focused on meeting an employee's growth needs, balancing what the individual and the team need. With SAP Litmos, online training for employees is super straightforward.

Benefits for teams: SAP Litmos makes employee training easy and customizable, letting teams create effective learning experiences that meet their goals. Its flexible training options allow for courses that meet workforce needs, keeping everyone engaged and compliant. It also fits smoothly into current business systems, improves workflow automation, and offers detailed analytics to monitor progress and highlight areas for improvement.


microlearning platform for sales team

Why we chose it: Docebo makes learning personalized and dynamic, changing content to match each learner's pace and likes. It lets you easily capture, upload, and share knowledge through its mobile app, boosting non-stop learning and teamwork. This builds a vast pool of shared knowledge and encourages a work-learning culture. With its focus on making things automatic and tailored, Docebo is a top pick for companies wanting to quickly improve their team's skills.

Benefits for teams: Docebo's platform rocks for teams because it makes learning together easy, personal, and fun. Everyone can chip in and learn from each other, which means everyone keeps getting better and coming up with cool new ideas. The mobile app lets you learn anywhere, anytime, making your team super flexible and quick on their feet.


microlearning platform for corporate training

Why we chose it: Schoology is a top-notch LMS for K-12 and higher ed. It stands out for its tools for easy course management, various assessments, and improving student-teacher collaboration. In addition to content delivery, it is also a space for real interaction. Its user-friendly setup means everyone can get around it easily, making submitting assignments and joining discussions a breeze. 

Benefits for teams: Schoology makes teaching and learning easy with its simple interface and powerful tools. It cuts down on paperwork, so teachers have more time to focus on students. Its focus on teamwork also helps students learn to collaborate, improving their critical thinking and teamwork skills for real-world success.

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