100 Great Spirit Week Ideas For Work

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100 Great Spirit Week Ideas For Work

Looking to inject some life into your workplace without resorting to cliché trust falls and icebreaker games? A company spirit week could be the perfect solution.

It’s a huge struggle to keep a modern workforce engaged and maintain that delicate balance of productivity and fun — that's precisely why we've scoured the team-building-internet-depths to curate a list of spirit week activities that cater to the tastes of even the most discerning professionals.

We’ve divided our ideas several different categories:

  • Spirit Week Ideas for Work
  • Virtual Spirit Week Ideas
  • Ideas for School Spirit Weeks
  • Holiday Spirit Week Games
  • Christmas Spirit Week Ideas
  • Unique Spirit Week Activities
  • Theme Days

So, grab a coffee, settle into your ergonomic chair, and peruse our carefully crafted selection of ideas to find one that will foster collaboration and transform your team's dynamic without a hint of corporate cringe. Let the company spirit commence:

Spirit Week Ideas for the Workplace

These next ideas are perfect to use in a corporate environment with a team of employees or co-workers.

1. Crazy Hat Day

Encourage employees to get creative and wear their wackiest hats, showcasing their unique personalities and fostering a lighthearted atmosphere in the workplace.

2. Trivia Theme Days

Play escalating rounds of trivia each day, knocking players out as they score below thresholds. At the end of the week announce the winners! You can play pen & pencil trivia games and make up your own questions (or find good lists), or if you want to make playing and scoring easy, you can use these pre-made trivia games that are interactive and auto score everything for your team.

3. International Cuisine Potluck

Invite employees to bring a dish from their native country or a culture they appreciate. This fosters cultural exchange, celebrates diversity, and facilitates conversation.

4. Desk Decorating Contest

Encourage employees to personalize their workspace based on a chosen theme. This creates a visually engaging environment and fosters camaraderie through friendly competition.

5. Superhero Day

Invite employees to dress up as their favorite superheroes or create their own. This allows for creative expression and provides a fun opportunity for team building.

6. Show & Tell Days

Each day for a week challenge your team to bring in or show something that's special to them to the team. Give each person a chance to talk about their item. Better yet, make it a photo challenge. You can play a simple photo-share game like the below, or just have folks email pictures in. People love to discuss their pictures and it's a great way to get people relating and talking.

7. Team Color Day

Divide employees into teams and assign each team a color to wear. Then set fun tasks for them to complete in a fun, light hearted competition. This can be anything from trivia competitions to scavenger hunts to Flonkerton. This promotes team spirit, friendly competition, and encourages interdepartmental interactions.

8. Charity Challenge

Organize a week-long series of challenges that support a local charity. Employees can participate in activities like fundraising, volunteering, or a charity walk, promoting teamwork and community engagement.

9. Talent Show

Host a talent show where employees can showcase their hidden skills and passions. This strengthens team bonds and allows employees to connect on a personal level.

10. Office Olympics

Design a series of fun, office-appropriate games for employees to compete in. This encourages teamwork, friendly competition, and boosts morale.

11. Throwback Thursday

Have employees dress up in styles from a specific decade or era. This creates a fun, nostalgic environment and encourages conversation about shared memories.

12. Gratitude Day

Dedicate a day for employees to express their appreciation for one another. Provide a platform for sharing compliments and positive feedback, boosting morale and strengthening team bonds.

13. Goal-Setting Workshop

Host a workshop where employees can set individual and team goals for the upcoming quarter, promoting personal development, team cohesion, and business growth.

14. Themed Networking Night

Organize a themed virtual networking event, where employees can discuss career aspirations, industry trends, and build connections in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

15. Beach Day

Host a summer-themed spirit day where employees dress in beach attire and participate in team-building activities, creating a lighthearted environment and fostering team bonding.

16. Problem-Solving Relay

Design a series of unique problem-solving challenges that require teamwork, communication, and out-of-the-box thinking, promoting creativity and collaboration among employees.

17. Personal Branding Seminar

Invite an expert to lead a seminar on personal branding, empowering employees to enhance their professional presence and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

18. Office Sports Day

Organize an office sports day with a variety of team-based activities, encouraging physical fitness, friendly competition, and team spirit.

19. Recognition and Awards Ceremony

Host an event to celebrate milestones and recognize employees' achievements, boosting morale and fostering a culture of appreciation and support.

20. Lunch and Learn

Schedule a series of lunchtime workshops or seminars, allowing employees to learn new skills and knowledge while networking with colleagues in a casual setting.

21. DIY Team Mascot Contest

Encourage teams to design their own mascots, showcasing their unique identities and promoting friendly competition, creativity, and team pride.

22. Collaborative Mural Project

Invite employees to contribute to a large-scale, office-wide mural, symbolizing unity and teamwork while allowing for creative expression and idea generation.

23. Speed Networking Session

Organize a speed networking event where employees have quick, timed conversations with colleagues from different departments, promoting cross-functional relationships and collaboration.

24. Wellness Week

Design a week of activities focused on mental and physical well-being, such as yoga sessions, meditation workshops, and stress-management seminars, fostering a healthy work-life balance and team bonding.

25. Office Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt with clues and riddles hidden throughout the office or virtual workspaces, encouraging teamwork, problem-solving, and exploration.

26. Mentorship Mixer

Host an event where employees can connect with potential mentors or mentees within the company, fostering personal development, knowledge-sharing, and relationship-building.

27. Department Swap Day

Allow employees to shadow colleagues from different departments for a day, promoting cross-functional understanding, networking, and idea generation.

28. Innovation Hackathon

Organize a company-wide hackathon, where teams develop innovative solutions to industry challenges, fostering creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

29. Community Service Day

Arrange a day for employees to volunteer together at a local nonprofit organization, promoting teamwork, community engagement, and a sense of accomplishment.

30. Guest Speaker Series

Invite industry experts or thought leaders to present talks or workshops on relevant topics, providing employees with new perspectives and encouraging continuous learning.

31. Company Culture Celebration

Host an event highlighting the company's values and achievements, showcasing employee stories, and encouraging team pride and unity.

32. Professional Development Day

Organize a day of workshops, seminars, or webinars focused on skill-building and career advancement, empowering employees to grow and succeed together.

Remote & Virtual Spirit Week Ideas

Get your virtual team in on the Spirit Week fun with these easy ideas.

1. Virtual Background Challenge

Invite team members to design the most creative or interesting virtual backgrounds for their video calls. This promotes personal expression and adds a fun element to daily meetings.

2. Online Trivia Contest

Organize a virtual trivia contest, with topics ranging from pop culture to company knowledge. This encourages team bonding and light-hearted competition.

3. Home Office Show and Tell

Invite team members to share their home office setup or a unique item from their workspace. This allows people to learn more about their colleagues and sparks engaging conversations.

4. Remote Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt where team members have to find items around their home and share them on the call. This introduces a fun, dynamic element to the work day.

5. Virtual PJ Day

Encourage team members to stay comfy and wear their pajamas for the day. This lightens the mood and adds an element of relaxation to the remote work environment.

6. Online Cooking Class

Hire a chef to conduct a virtual cooking class where team members can learn to make a dish together. This fosters team bonding while also providing a fun, educational experience.

7. Digital Health and Wellness Day

Invite a virtual yoga instructor or a mindfulness expert to guide your team through a session, promoting well-being and stress management.

8. Online Game Tournament

Organize a virtual game tournament with popular online games. This facilitates team interaction, cooperation, and friendly competition.

9. Share Your Pet Day

Invite team members to introduce their pets during a video call. This gives a personal glimpse into their home life and introduces a fun, heartwarming element to the work day.

10. Virtual Appreciation Board

Create an online space where team members can share their appreciation for each other. This encourages positivity and strengthens team relationships.

Ideas for School Spirit Weeks

These suggestions are designed for school teams and groups working remotely, offering a mix of learning, fun, and school spirit.

1. School Colors Day

Invite students to wear their school colors. This reinforces school identity and boosts team spirit.

2. Virtual Field Trip

Organize a virtual field trip to an educational site. This provides a shared experience and offers a unique learning opportunity.

3. Mascot Dress-Up Day

Encourage students to dress up as the school's mascot or create their own, promoting school spirit and creativity.

4. Online Talent Show

Host a virtual talent show where students can show off their skills. This nurtures confidence, personal expression, and a sense of community.

5. Show and Tell

Arrange a virtual show and tell where students can share an item or story. This promotes communication skills and builds deeper connections.

6. School Quiz

Create a fun quiz about school history, teachers, or fun facts. This encourages learning and a bit of friendly competition. You can make it a competition and use trivia games that are pre-made, if you want to skip the work. Here's a good trivia game that's ready to play about biology:

7. Online Art Contest

Invite students to participate in an online art contest. This fosters creativity and gives students a platform to express themselves.

8. Storytelling Session

Invite an author or a teacher to host a virtual storytelling session. This encourages imagination and reinforces language skills.

9. Virtual Book Club

Start a book club where students can discuss a chosen book over a video call. This nurtures critical thinking, communication skills, and a love for reading.

10. Positive Message Day

Create a platform where students can share positive messages with their classmates. This fosters a supportive, uplifting environment.

Holiday Spirit Week Games

These games are perfect for bringing some festive cheer to your remote team during the holiday season.

1. Ugly Sweater Contest

Invite team members to don their ugliest holiday sweaters for a virtual meeting. This adds a dash of hilarity and festive spirit to the work day.

2. Play a Holiday Icebreaker Game

Bring your team together to play rounds of fun and silly icebreakers to make the mood festive.

3. Virtual Secret Santa

Organize a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange. This fosters team bonding, encourages thoughtful gift-giving, and brings a touch of tradition to the remote setting.

4. Holiday Trivia Challenge

Host a holiday-themed trivia game. This lightens the mood, fosters team competition, and educates the team about diverse holiday traditions.

5. Online Cookie Baking Class

Arrange a virtual cookie baking session with a professional pastry chef. This encourages team participation, learning a new skill, and indulging in some sweet treats.

6. Holiday Movie Night

Plan a virtual movie night with a popular holiday film. This offers a shared experience and an opportunity for team members to relax and connect on a personal level.

7. Virtual Holiday Background Competition

Invite team members to design the most festive virtual background for their video calls. This adds a pop of holiday color to daily meetings and allows personal creativity to shine.

8. Online Holiday Karaoke

Arrange for a holiday karaoke session where team members can belt out their favorite seasonal tunes. This boosts team morale and provides a fun, musical diversion from work.

9. DIY Ornament Show and Tell

Encourage team members to create and showcase their own holiday ornaments. This promotes creativity and brings a dash of festive charm to your remote team.

10. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

‍Organize a holiday-themed scavenger hunt where team members have to find and share festive items from their home. This adds an interactive, engaging element to your team's day.

11. Online Holiday Card Making

Host a virtual card-making session where team members can craft and share their own holiday cards. This encourages creativity, individual expression, and the spread of holiday cheer.

Christmas Spirit Week Ideas

These ideas will add some Christmas cheer to your remote team or group, bringing everyone closer during the festive season.

1. Virtual Christmas Costume Contest

Invite team members to dress up in Christmas-themed costumes. This creates a fun, festive atmosphere and allows creativity to flourish.

2. Online Christmas Trivia

Host a Christmas-themed trivia game. This lightens the mood, fosters team competition, and educates about various Christmas traditions.

3. Virtual Christmas Card Exchange

Organize a virtual Christmas card exchange among team members. This promotes creativity and the tradition of holiday well-wishing.

4. Christmas Story Time

Arrange a virtual storytelling session featuring favorite Christmas tales. This nurtures a festive mood and a sense of shared experience.

5. Christmas Decorating Contest

Challenge team members to showcase their Christmas decorations at home. This adds a personal, festive touch to your remote work environment.

6. Christmas Song Karaoke

‍Arrange a virtual karaoke session with Christmas songs. This boosts morale and provides a musical diversion from work.

7. Online Christmas Cookie Baking

Organize a virtual cookie baking class. This encourages team participation, learning a new skill, and sharing a bit of sweetness.

8. Play an Office Christmas Party Game

Just copy this game and launch it like a Powerpoint. join in on your phones and play through several rounds of professional-but-still-fun games.

9. DIY Christmas Ornament Session

Host a DIY Christmas ornament crafting session. This encourages creativity, individual expression, and the spread of Christmas cheer.

10. Virtual Gratitude Day

Dedicate a day for team members to share what they're grateful for this year. This encourages positivity, boosts morale, and strengthens team bonds.

Unique Spirit Week Activities

Here are some fresh and unique ideas for a spirited week. They're a little odd, definitely doable, and bound to add a dash of fun to your remote workdays.

1. DIY Meme Day

Encourage employees to recreate their favorite meme and share it with the team. It promotes laughter and creativity, making work a bit more entertaining.

2. Silent Disco

Organize a silent disco where everyone dances to their own tune on a video call. It boosts mood and morale, and also counts as a light workout.

3. DIY Commercial Break

Teams create and perform a commercial for an imaginary product. This exercise stirs creativity and gives a light-hearted spin to teamwork.

4. Origami Day

A step-by-step origami creation session led by a team member or expert. It introduces mindfulness to your day and encourages learning new skills.

5. Desk Plant Contest

Have employees share their desk plants and pick the one that's thriving the best. It sparks conversations about sustainability and greener workplaces.

6. Dance-Off Challenge

Host a virtual dance-off competition. Nothing says team spirit like a little friendly competition and shared laughter.

7. Guess The Workspace

Have employees share a photo of their workspace, then let the team guess whose it is. This game promotes camaraderie and helps understand work environments.

8. Future Self Portrait Day

Encourage employees to create and share a self-portrait of themselves five years in the future. It sparks imaginative thinking and conversation about personal growth.

9. Virtual Art Gallery

Invite everyone to share a piece of art they've created, transforming your virtual meeting into an art exhibit. It fosters creativity and expression.

10. Cooking Challenge

Assign a common ingredient and ask team members to prepare a dish with it, showcasing their culinary skills. This activity encourages innovation and bonding over shared experiences.

11. Hat-Making Contest

Create a contest where employees make and wear their own hats. It fosters creativity and adds a dash of unexpected fun.

12. Virtual Escape Room

Set up a virtual escape room challenge that encourages problem-solving and teamwork in a novel way.

13. Micro-Fiction Challenge

Encourage team members to write and share a 50-word story. It strengthens communication skills and gives a creative break.

14. Silent Movie Day

Teams make a short silent film based on a chosen theme. It sparks creativity and teamwork.

15. The Great Debate

Organize a fun, lighthearted debate on harmless topics like "pineapple on pizza – yes or no". This encourages communication and livens up the virtual workspace.

16. Mime Day

Host a session where employees communicate solely using mime. It's a unique and fun way to build communication skills and add an unexpected twist to the day.

Theme Day Ideas

Keep the spark alive in your remote teams with these offbeat, engaging theme day concepts. From wacky to thought-provoking, there's something for every workplace.

1. Costume as your Childhood Dream Job Day

Invite everyone to dress up as what they wanted to be when they were kids. It's a fun throwback that stirs nostalgic conversations.

2. One-Color Outfit Day

Pick a color and challenge everyone to dress in that color for the day. It's simple but adds a bright and uniform feel to the virtual meetings.

3. Unfamous Inventors Day

Have everyone research and share about an inventor who isn't widely known but made significant contributions. It encourages learning and honors unsung heroes.

4. Favorite Book Character Day

Invite team members to dress up as their favorite book character and discuss why they chose them. It stimulates conversations about literature and character traits.

5. Alien Day

Encourage everyone to dress or accessorize in a way that represents extraterrestrial life. It fosters creativity and infuses an element of mystery and fun.

6. Virtual Background Day

Have each team member choose a virtual background that represents a place they love. This brings a colorful and personal touch to meetings.

7. Time Travel Day

Ask everyone to dress as if they are from a past or future decade. This theme promotes imaginative thinking and conversation about historical or future eras.

8. Zero Waste Day

Challenge everyone to go a full workday without generating any waste, discussing tips and tricks. This activity raises environmental awareness.

9. Cultural Exchange Day

Have everyone share something about their culture – food, traditions, or language phrases. It honors diversity and facilitates cultural exchange.

10. International Film Day

Invite everyone to dress up as their favorite foreign film character and share why they chose them. It stimulates conversations about global cinema.

11. Virtual Treasure Hunt Day

Create an online treasure hunt that challenges employees' problem-solving skills. This engaging activity fosters teamwork in a fun way.

12. Odd Socks Day

Encourage employees to wear mismatched socks, showing them off in a fun photo session. This idea brings a dash of whimsy to the workday.

13. Silent Disco Day

Organize a time when everyone dances to their own tunes on mute. This activity gives a lively, unique twist to team bonding.

14. Personal Logo Day

Invite employees to design their own personal logo and present it to the team. It stimulates creativity and helps team members express their personal brand.

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