12 Best Employee Training Software

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12 Best Employee Training Software

If you’re running an internal training program, it’s important to get it right. What are the best tools to help upskill or teach your employees exactly what they need to know? Based on years of experience running teaching events, we’ve created a list of the best employee training tools and business training software.

Best for interactive teaching — Slides With Friends

Interactive teaching is revolutionizing employee training. It turns what used to be a forgettable experience into an engaging and memorable journey.

Passively listening to a lecturer often caused people to zone out and miss part of the training. Even when people pay attention to the lecturer, information retention isn't the best. The main culprit is that this type of learning isn't that interesting. It feels more like a remedial class for poor performers than a lecture for proactive, dynamic learners.

By contrast, interactive teaching methods transform learners from passive recipients into active participants. Interactive teaching makes the material more compelling, while enhancing understanding and retention.

Slides With Friends makes it easy to both create and hold interactive training sessions. Features like real-time polling and quizzes offer trainers immediate feedback on their training. For example, you might discover that many people are struggling with a concept. That's a signal that you might need to revisit that topic in more depth or approach it from a different angle.

Furthermore, Slides With Friends allows for a high degree of interactivity that goes beyond simple Q&A sessions. Interactive elements such as live word clouds, and brainstorming sessions can be integrated into the training. These features not only make the learning process more engaging but also encourage creative thinking and collaboration among trainees.

Best for compliance and onboarding — Absorb LMS

In today's business world it's crucial to understand and adhere to legal and financial regulations. Companies must follow rules, quality standards, and safety measures.

But new employees usually are oblivious to at least some of these rules. Thus, they need regulatory compliance training to make them perform their duties in a way that aligns with regulations.

Mistakes in this area have serious consequences. A company neglecting regulations can incur in legal penalties and reputational damage. So, introducing new hires to these concepts at an early stage mitigates risks and ensures smooth operations. That way, they can produce work that fits the regulatory landscape and your company's practices.

Absorb LMS addresses this critical need. The platform helps new employees integrate into your company's legal and ethical framework. Its customization features let you create bespoke training sessions for your team. Need a quick tour of how to handle sensitive data? Or a detailed guide on industry-specific regulations? Absorb LMS can be tailored to cover these specific topics.

This personalized approach ensures that the training is relevant and directly applicable to your employees' roles, enhancing both their understanding and the overall effectiveness of the training program.

Best to integrate with all your other tools — WeSchool LMS

Tech stacks have grown complex over the years. You're probably running a wide selection of software in your company. Even if you're keeping it basic with the Office suite + Zoom + Slack, you're already juggling many platforms for various business needs. Each of these tools helps in your operations, from communication and collaboration to productivity and virtual meetings. But the last thing you need is another layer of complexity on top of your current stack.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) should promote better learning in your company, not create chaos. So, if you're looking for a solution that connects with the core tools you're likely already using, consider WeSchool.

WeSchool LMS stands out because it understands the importance of working in harmony with your existing tech stack. It integrates with key tools to ensure that your employees' training becomes a natural extension of your daily workflow, rather than an extra burden.

The platform comes with all the features you need to train and upskill your employees. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for both trainers and learners to navigate. Plus, its customization features let you create personalized courses and track employees progress.

Best for gamified learning & team alignment — Slides With Friends

Gamified learning is when you use game-like elements in teaching. Think of things like earning points, competing with others, or going on quests — but in a learning setting. For example, you might answer quiz questions to earn badges or work with your team to solve a challenge. Studies have found that gamified learning increases student engagement, knowledge retention, and cooperation.

Slides With Friends is great for making learning fun and interactive. It has lots of slide decks ready to use, which you can change to fit what your team needs to learn. It's easy to join in - you can use a QR code or a link, and then play right on your phone. Once you're in, you can pick an avatar, answer questions, share photos, and even use sound effects to make it more engaging.

Our platform has many features like live polls, trivia and quizzes, icebreakers, team games, and word clouds that make learning not just educational but also enjoyable.

These tools are more than simple fun; they help teams work better together. When everyone takes part in these activities, it helps with teamwork and understanding. This is why Slides With Friends is a top choice for groups that want to improve learning and team spirit at the same time.

Best for personalized training paths  — Docebo

Personalized training means understanding that everyone learns in their own way and needs different things from training. When training is tailored to them, people can learn better and faster. It's like having a teacher who knows exactly what you need and helps you in the best way for you.

This kind of training is great because it doesn't waste time on stuff you already know. Instead, it focuses on things that are important for your job. It's really helpful in big companies where different departments need to learn different things. When everyone gets the training that fits them best, they can do their jobs better and feel more confident.

Docebo is a platform that's perfect for this kind of personalized training. It's designed to give each person training that fits just right for them. One of Docebo's key strengths is its AI-powered, hyper-personalized learning experiences. These experiences automatically identify and fill the skill gaps for each individual learner, allowing everyone to upskill efficiently.

The platform also offers robust insights and intelligence functionality, essential for measuring the impact of learning programs. This feature helps in demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of the training. That way, it proves the tangible value of the learning programs as businesses scale and grow​​.

Best for skill assessment and gap analysis — iMocha

Skill assessment helps you design training material. It's like a check-up to see what skills employees are good at and what they need to work on. It's not about pointing out mistakes but about finding ways to help everyone get better at their jobs. By knowing what skills need improvement, companies can build impactful courses to upskill their employees.

A software that helps companies figure out where their employees are at is iMocha. It's great for seeing what employees know and what they need to learn more about. The platform lets you make special tests for different training courses and has a special section for helping employees get better at their skills.

It also has a cool feature that lets employees take tests in a way they're used to. After the tests, iMocha gives reports that show how much employees have learned and what they need to focus on next.

Best for microlearning — EdApp

Microlearning is a learning style that uses short, focused sessions on specific topics. These sessions are usually only three to six minutes long and often include videos, quizzes, and games. This makes learning more flexible and convenient, especially for people who are busy and can't spend a lot of time studying at once​.

Studies show that microlearning helps people stay interested in what they're learning and remember it better. Plus, it cuts the cost of making training materials by half.

EdApp is a platform with features specialized in microlearning. It lets teams learn important things quickly using short, bite-sized content. This approach is great for people who don't have a lot of time to study and need to learn things fast​.

This platform's microlearning features cater to teams with limited study time, offering a quick and effective way to learn. EdApp's adaptability to the microlearning format makes it an excellent choice for organizations seeking efficient and engaging training solutions for their teams.

Best for social training and collaboration — Bloomfire

Your employees seldom work in isolation. In most cases, they belong to a team. And there, individual performance isn't everything. A smooth-working team of average-skilled individuals beats a disconnected one with a few top performers.

If you feel like your teams' lack of cohesion is causing production bottlenecks, look into software that promotes social training and collaboration. Social training and collaboration are about learning from and with others. They help employees share knowledge, exchange feedback, and build trust. They also foster a culture of learning and innovation in the organization.

Bloomfire is a great choice for organizations that want to make use the power of social learning and collaboration. The software supports social training and collaboration in various ways. It lets employees create and access content in different formats, such as videos, podcasts, blogs, and quizzes. It also enables employees to comment, rate, and ask questions on the content.m

Moreover, it has features like communities, leaderboards, and gamification that encourage employees to interact and engage with each other. Bloomfire helps employees learn socially and collaboratively, which can improve their performance and satisfaction. It also helps organizations capture and retain the collective wisdom of their workforce.

Best for multimedia courses — Adobe Learning Manager

Multimedia courses use different kinds of media, like text, sound, video, animation, and interactivity, to make learning fun and effective. Multimedia courses can help you learn different skills, like being creative, communicating well, working with others, and thinking critically.

Adobe Learning Manager — formerly Adobe Captivate Prime — is a platform that lets you mix different media in a course and make multimedia learning experiences. You can bring in content from different places, like Adobe Creative Cloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and PowerPoint, and edit them with the powerful Adobe tools. You can also add quizzes, surveys, badges, and certificates to make learning more interesting and check your employees' understanding.

The platform also lets you access your courses on different devices and platforms, like web, mobile, and TV. It also connect with other tools, like Zoom, Salesforce, and Slack, to promote social learning. You can see how much you have learned and how well you are doing using the data and reports.

Adobe Captivate Prime is a great choice for teachers and learners who want to mix different media in a course and make multimedia courses that look good, are interactive, and are effective.

Best for long-term employee development & training — CYPHER Learning LMS

When you hire someone, your hope is for them to grow become a huge asset to your company. You also want them to stay loyal and happy with your organization. That’s why long-term employee development and training are so important. They help you keep your employees up to date with the latest trends and best practices in their fields. They also help your employees achieve their professional and personal goals.

CYPHER learning LMS is a platform that helps you provide long-term employee development. It lets you create and deliver online courses, microlearning, and blended learning programs that suit your employees’ needs and preferences. You can also customize the platform to match your brand and requirements, and integrate it with other tools and systems.

The platform also helps you measure and track the progress and performance of your employees over time, using data and reports. You can also assign learning paths and competencies to your employees, and reward them with certificates and badges. Moreover, it fosters a culture of continuous learning and collaboration with features like gamification, social learning, and feedback.

Best for in-house mentorship and coaching — Qooper

Mentorship and coaching  when you learn from someone who has more experience or knowledge than you. They can guide you, give you feedback, and help you grow. For example, you might have a mentor who is a senior manager or a coach who is an expert in a skill.

Qooper is a platform that’s ideal for in-house mentorship and coaching programs. It helps you find the best mentors and coaches for your employees, based on their goals and skills. It also provides tools to help the learning process, such as chat, calendar, feedback, and badges. Qooper integrates with other popular platforms that you're probably using in your company, like Teams, Slack, and Google Workspace.

Additionally, Qooper comes with analytics and reports to measure your programs' impact. You can see how your employees are progressing, learning, and feeling. And get insights into the strengths and gaps of your workforce, plus identify areas for improvement. Qooper helps you prove the ROI of your learning programs, and show how they contribute to your business growth.

Best for experiential learning — EduSourced

Experiential learning is a type of learning that involves doing and thinking about what you did. Experiential learning can help you learn different skills, like solving problems, being creative, working with others, and talking well.

An example could be a company that wants to train its sales team on how to pitch a new product to potential customers. To do so, it uses a simulation-based experiential learning program. The program lets the sales team members practice their sales skills in realistic and safe scenarios, where they play the roles of salespeople and customers. They also get feedback and guidance from a facilitator and their peers, and reflect on their experience and performance.

EduSourced is a platform that helps you make and manage experiential learning programs that are good for your goals and needs. You can make your own projects based on real-world situations and opportunities, and match your learners with good mentors and partners. You can also change the platform to fit your brand and culture, and connect it with other tools and systems.

EduSourced also helps you see and measure how much you have learned and how well you are doing, using data and reports. You can also get and share feedback and stories from your learners, mentors, and partners, and reward them with badges and certificates. Moreover, you can make a culture of learning and collaboration, using features like communities, events, and resources.

Give your teams the best software for employee training and upskilling

Choosing the right software for employee training and upskilling can make a big difference in the success and growth of your organization. You want to provide your employees with the best learning experiences that suit their needs, preferences, and goals. And  make sure that your training programs are aligned with your organizational vision and values.

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