12 Excellent Virtual Games to Play With Your Coworkers

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12 Excellent Virtual Games to Play With Your Coworkers

Think remote work is causing a rift between managers and remote employees? No need to worry! Organizing game day events can bridge that gap with fun and camaraderie. These events are a break from the work grind and a chance to get to know your team better. With a plethora of virtual games and team-building activities, there's an option for every remote team. Check out the 12 best game day ideas below to unite your team for a memorable experience.

Game Day Idea #1: Virtual Trivia Showdown

Indulge in a friendly competition with a trivia session where virtual teams can pit their knowledge against each other on a myriad of topics. 

To play, you can harness the power of Slides with Friends, a platform that lets you participate in lively group trivia games. With Slides with Friends, you can choose from a wide range of premade trivia sets or flex your creative muscles by creating your very own custom quizzes. 

Playing Virtual Trivia is a surefire way to spark friendly competition, encourage impromptu knowledge exchanges, and foster a collaborative spirit that'll have your office buzzing with camaraderie. 

Game Day Idea #2: Pictionary or Charades

Unleash the creative and expressive prowess of your coworkers in a virtual setting with virtual team building games like Pictionary or Charades. These web-based games, easily playable on platforms like Zoom and Pictionary Generator, are the ultimate recipe for a lively and engaging virtual get-together. 

As you watch your team sketch their way to victory or act out hilarious scenarios, you'll realize that these virtual games to play with coworkers are not just super fun but also a great way to enhance creativity, improve communication skills, and help you bond with your team.

Game Day Idea #3: Online Quizzes 

Craft customized quizzes tailored to your team’s interests or relevant industry knowledge for an engaging learning experience. To play online quizzes, you go pretty analog. For example, come up with questions, read them aloud over Zoom, then have everyone scribble down their answers and send you a snapshot of their answer sheet. Or you can use live quizzing tools like Slides with Friends, which is a good option to make creating a trivia game or quiz (plus scoring) much easier. 

In addition to promoting learning, online quizzes bring people together and add an element of friendly rivalry, all wrapped up in one engaging package. 

Game Day Idea #4: Get-to-Know-You Games

Engage in icebreaker virtual games for team building like "Would You Rather" or "Two Truths and a Lie" to foster interpersonal connections within the team. These games are readily available on web-based video conference platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 

In "Would You Rather," players take turns posing fun dilemmas, asking others to choose between two amusing or challenging options. It's a lighthearted game that sparks hilarious debates and reveals everyone's silly side. In "Two Truths and a Lie," each person takes turns sharing two true statements and one false one about themselves. Everyone else tries to guess the lie, sleuthing for the real story to get to know each other on a more personal level. 

Both games provide tons of fun while at the same time enhancing interpersonal connections, melting away any awkwardness, nurturing company culture, and encouraging open communication. 

Game Day Idea #5: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Have your audience find an item or two, and bring it back! This web-based adventure, easily created on platforms like Slides With Friends, is like a digital treasure hunt that brings remote team members together in the most unexpected and fun ways. All you have to do is set the stage and the virtual scavenger hunt can begin! 

As your whole team races to snap a selfie with their pets or find their favorite mug, you’ll witness how Scavenger Hunt helps improve camaraderie and the thrill of victory making every moment exhilarating and rewarding. It's teamwork, fun, and the sweet taste of success rolled into one amazing game!

Game Day Idea #6: Online Board Games

Relive the traditional board game experience virtually by playing classics like “Scrabble”, “Chess”, or “Settlers of Catan” online with your team. The web-based versions of these games breathe new life into traditional favorites, offering a perfect blend of strategy, friendly competition, and teamwork. 

Whether you're crafting words in Scrabble, plotting your next move in Chess, or expanding your territories in Settlers of Catan, an online team building game like these offers a break that combines nostalgia with the chance to bond over a virtual board. 

Game Day Idea #7: Virtual Murder Mystery

Engage in an interactive murder mystery game where each team member assumes different character roles and works together with others to solve a fictional crime. Web-based virtual murder mystery games offer exercise for your critical thinking and deduction skills, while simultaneously nurturing teamwork and sparking creative problem-solving. 

As you unravel clues, brainstorm theories, and engage in a narrative-driven experience, the virtual murder mystery game becomes a chance to bond, solve crimes, and unleash your inner detective, all from the comfort of your digital workspace.

Game Day Idea #8: Virtual Happy Hour Games

Enjoy casual team building games like "Movie Trivia" or "Truth or Drink" to wind down and relish some relaxed moments together. These remote team games are easily accessible on platforms like Slides With Friends and Zoom and are the perfect recipe for turning your work gatherings into lively social hangouts. 

In Movie Trivia, participants test their cinematic knowledge by taking turns asking and answering questions about films, whereas in "Truth or Drink," players take turns asking personal or cheeky questions to one another. If someone doesn't want to spill the beans, they take a sip of their drink. 

You can also use the Cocktail Convos interactive slide deck by Slides with Friends which contains lots of trivia questions and drink opinions. The goal of these events is to provide light-hearted entertainment, encourage employee engagement, and build relationships between team members. 

Game Day Idea #9: Photo of Your Life

“Photo of Your Life” is perfect for remote teams looking to break the ice, build bonds, and unravel the layers of their teammates' lives in a refreshingly fun way. Gather your colleagues on a video call and ask them to share pictures of something close to their hearts. It could be their kids, beloved pets, that oh-so-special coffee mug, top TV shows, or the mesmerizing view from their windows. Then, watch as the stories behind these snapshots unfold.

"Photo of Your Life" keeps the team engaged, all while weaving heartwarming stories and creating a relaxed, cozy atmosphere. It's a delightful way for remote workers to connect, share their tales, and uncover surprising commonalities. 

Game Day Idea #10: Bucket List Challenge 

Need a cool way to break the ice with your coworkers? Look no further than the “Bucket List Challenge!” Imagine hearing about your colleagues' wildest dreams and the adventures they want to embark on. Some might even have already checked items off their lists and can dish out fantastic tales to the team.

To play, get everyone on a video call and give them a quick five minutes to dream big. Then, let the sharing begin! As your team members unveil their bucket lists, keep an eye out for kindred spirits who share the same aspirations. If, for instance, a few team members aim to conquer a mountain top, encourage them to team up and do it together. Even if they are in different cities or states, they can cheer each other on and provide the motivation needed to reach the finish line.

Game Day Idea #11: Virtual Bingo 

If your goal is to strengthen team bonds while having a blast, then “Virtual Bingo” is just for you! You can play virtual bingo on various online platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or specialized bingo websites and apps. These platforms allow you to generate and display bingo cards, call out numbers, and interact with players in real-time.

Before the game begins, create bingo cards with statements like "a proud member of the designer squad" or "comes to work with his/her bike." Here's how the fun unfolds: As you call out these statements, your players will start marking off the boxes. The excitement builds as players aim for a row of three and then go for the ultimate victory with a full house. It's a race to the finish line, and the first ones there claim the glory and, of course, bragging rights! 

Game Day Idea #12: Online Escape Rooms

The beauty of online escape rooms lies in the way teams come together, even from a distance, to crack mind-bending puzzles. Professionally crafted escape rooms come with expert gamemasters who'll be your virtual guides through the challenges. The puzzles are all ready and waiting, so you can dive right into the fun without a lot of prep.

In these virtual adventures, team members join a video conference, communicating and brainstorming to crack the puzzles. With teamwork and a bit of clever thinking, your team will conquer the escape room challenges together, creating memorable moments and lots of laughter along the way.

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