The 28 Greatest Virtual Games for Large Groups

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The 28 Greatest Virtual Games for Large Groups

Organizing and entertaining a big group can be tough but it doesn’t have to be dull. Whether you’re leading a remote team or bringing friends together, we’ve got an amazing list of virtual games for large groups that will turn any online hangout into a fun time for everyone. Ready to make your next group call unforgettable? Let’s dive in and create some online magic!

Large Group Scavenger Hunt

Let’s put a twist on a beloved classic. Everyone knows how a scavenger hunt works: teams work together to solve trivia and challenges, using their skills to find answers. The version by Slides with Friends is a photo hunt variation, where players are given prompts asking them to snap photos of certain items. The game comes in the form of an interactive, easily-customizable slide deck that is perfect for large groups. 

Best for teams that love teamwork and problem-solving, online scavenger hunts are awesome for getting people active and engaged from the comfort of their homes. Adding a bit of friendly competition and teamwork in this setting helps improve communication and decrease the feelings of disconnect often felt by remote workers.

Art Heist: The Vanishing of Van Gogh

Ready to play art detectives? “Art Heist” is a virtual game where players solve a mystery and try to find Van Gogh's famous painting "The Bedroom" within 90 minutes. A pro host leads the game on Zoom and provides materials for team building. You'll even get team photos to share!

The game is ideal for team members who love solving mysteries, puzzles, and decoding clues. It’s an immersive experience where your group will team up, put their problem-solving skills to the test, and have lots of fun. 

Cribs Quiz

Remember how awesome it felt to peek into the homes of celebrities on MTV's Cribs? “Cribs Quiz” is actually a guessing game based on your team members’ living spaces. Here's how it goes: Ask team members to show their home office or shared workspace through photos or a video, then have players guess who the space belongs to.

“Cribs Quiz” is great for large online teams because it helps foster personal connections among team members. It's a game that goes beyond work and lets everyone share insights about themselves, building stronger connections and understanding among the group.

Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion

Get ready to explore the eerie Winchester Mansion in a virtual escape experience full of supernatural mysteries. In this 90-minute Zoom adventure, your team will gather clues, crack tricky puzzles, and face the unknown with digital Ouija boards to unveil the mansion's dark secrets. 

Ideal for groups seeking adventure and mystery, “Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion” combines storytelling and teamwork, testing your smarts, bravery, and ability to collaborate. 

Virtual Murder Mystery Party

“Virtual Murder Mystery Party” is a role-playing game where participants solve a mystery online. It's like acting out a murder story to figure out who the killer is. These games usually happen on video chats like Zoom or Google Hangouts and in some cases include professional actors and a director to help things run smoothly. 

Great for teams into detective tales and problem-solving, virtual murder mysteries are a great way for coworkers to connect, especially with those they don’t usually see in the office. Not only do they bring teams together in a cool, interactive way but they also boost critical thinking, improve decision-making, and encourage teamwork.


Do you like shouting at your friends? If so, this game is just for you! “Spaceteam” is a group game where players work together to stop their ship from blowing up by shouting technical jargon. Everyone needs a smartphone to play through Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, or by downloading the Bunch app for in-game video chats.

Ideal for teams who like quick, cooperative challenges, this game boosts real-time teamwork under pressure, making it a blast to play.

Virtual Amazing Race

“Virtual Amazing Race” is a competition where teams race against each other to solve puzzles, play games, tackle challenges, complete scavenger hunts, and photo-related tasks. Teams can be split into Zoom or Microsoft Teams groups and you can also use Google Drive docs or Google My Maps to set the game up.

The game is perfect for teams who want exciting team-building adventures. It's a great way to bond, communicate, and collaborate while having loads of fun in a dynamic and fast-paced setting.

Virtual Trivia: Individual vs. Individual

This is a quiz-style game where individuals show off their knowledge. Slides with Friends offers a pre-styled template to show you how to create your own trivia game based on general knowledge or specific themes. The layout is similar to preparing PowerPoint slides, so participants should be able to get a hang of it pretty quickly. 

Virtual Trivia” is great for anyone who loves testing their knowledge and enjoys friendly competition. It's especially fun for large groups looking to have a good time together while showing off their smarts. The game sparks excitement and engagement by challenging players' knowledge on various topics, making it a thrilling and entertaining experience for everyone involved.

Heads Up!

Featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, “Heads Up!” is a virtual guessing game with different categories spanning from guessing celebrities and singing to doing funny accents. To play, gather your team, open the app, pick a category, hold your phone to your forehead, and listen to your teammates as they give hints for you to guess the word before the time is up!

This hilarious game is perfect for teams looking for light-hearted games. Plus, “Heads Up!” uses your device's front camera cleverly—it records the game and displays the words you're guessing so you can later share your fun with everyone!

Coworker Feud

Experience the virtual twist on the classic game show “Family Feud”, adapted as an exciting team-building activity. In “Coworker Feud”, players guess popular survey answers, like reasons for being late to work or what to gift a coworker.

The game is perfect for teams that are into friendly competitions without needing tons of trivia knowledge. It’s about having fun together, bonding, and improving teamwork. Plus, it helps everyone understand how coworkers think. 

Among Us

The viral game “Among Us” is a blast to play with coworkers. In this game, players are on a spaceship completing tasks while trying to spot imposters among the team. The catch? Imposters look like everyone else, so crewmates have to watch for odd behavior or clues to figure them out. The game can be played on mobile, PC, or Nintendo Switch.

Ideal for teams keen on strategy and figuring things out together, “Among Us” is fun because it’s a mix of teamwork, cunning strategies, and clever deception.

Read My Lips

“Read My Lips” is a game where players use Zoom video without audio to figure out what someone's saying. The host picks a topic and gives it to a player who mutes their mic and mouths the word. Everyone has one minute to guess the word, and the player with the most correct guesses is the winner.

Great for teams up for quirky communication challenges, “Read My Lips” is fun because it adds humor and boosts observation skills.

Funny Pet Contests

Pets are awesome for photos—they’re adorable, hilarious, and full of surprises. So, if you want a fun photo contest theme, four-legged friends are the perfect choice. The “Funny Pet Contest” is all about using amusing pet pics or videos. How to join? Share your funny pet photos or videos and vote for the best!

This is an ideal game for pet owners and animal fans on your team. It’s enjoyable because it’s light-hearted and brings the team closer together. A simple yet fun way for team members to bond and learn more about each other.

Online Karaoke Contest

Are you ready to show off your singing skills? The “Online Karaoke Contest” is a virtual singing competition for teams conducted on platforms with high-quality audio and video like Zoom. Be sure to choose the songs and lyrics beforehand and check everyone’s mic before the karaoke session begins. Don’t feel like singing solo? No problem! Shy participants can simply watch others sing or join in duets with others.

Perfect for teams loving music and performances, online karaoke contests are an engaging way to break barriers, showcase talents, and relieve stress through entertainment.

Virtual Charades 

“Virtual Charades” is a twist on the classic word-guessing game where players act out prompts without speaking and let others guess. To play, use a video platform that can accommodate a large number of people like Zoom or Google Meet, and make sure to choose themes that your team is interested in. Common choices include movies, celebs, wildlife, or inside jokes everyone knows.

Perfect for groups into lively and expressive games, “Virtual Charades” is fun because it sparks creativity, teamwork, and communication. Plus, it’s a relaxed way to ease stress and boost morale within the team.

Can You Hear Me Now?

"Can You Hear Me Now?" is a drawing game that combines drawing skills with listening. To play, pick one player to be the speaker and let others get creative. An online image generator creates a picture, and the speaker explains it using only geometric shapes in their speech. For instance, "draw a big circle and a triangle above."

This game is great for teams looking for a creative teamwork challenge. It not only promotes teamwork and good communication but also focuses on strategy as players have to find innovative ways to convey and interpret instructions accurately.


This is an online drawing and guessing game similar to Pictionary. Each player takes turns as the "artist," drawing a word or phrase while others guess. You can use a mouse or graphics tablet and tools like pens, brushes, and colors. When someone guesses right, both the guesser and the artist score points. “iSketch” offers word lists in 20+ languages, various difficulty levels, themes, and game types.

It is perfect for teams that love visual games and creativity because it is a perfect blend of artistic expression and guessing fun.

Superhero Academy

Why be just regular coworkers when you could be the Avengers at least for one day? “Superhero Academy” offers a comic-book-themed team-building adventure where your team will dive into alter-egos, brain teasers, and challenges, testing skill and teamwork.

Perfect for teams seeking an immersive, themed experience, this lively activity creates an engaging environment where your team can shine. It’s not just about individual skills; it’s about working together, strengthening bonds, communicating better, and discovering hidden talents within the team.

Virtual Two Truths, One Lie

"Two Truths and a Lie" is a classic icebreaker game adapted for virtual get-togethers. Each player writes three statements about themselves: two truths and one lie. The rest of the group guesses which statement is the lie. Once everyone has voted, reveal the correct answer and allow team members to ask follow-up questions!

This is an especially fun way for people who are new to the team to break the ice and introduce themselves. It is also perfect for virtual teams aiming to build connections, understand each other better, and show a more playful side beyond work! 

Virtual Candyman

“Virtual Candyman” is an online card game with hidden roles. To play, use a virtual card deck to assign roles and achieve game goals. There are three main characters: Candyman with an Ace card, Police with a King Card, and buyers with different number cards. At the start, no one knows who the Candyman is, and the cop aims to reveal them quickly. Players who successfully buy candy can leave the game. The Candyman wins by selling all candies without getting caught by the police.

This is a great game for groups into virtual role-playing and strategy games. It’s also perfect for large online groups because it involves intrigue and strategy, making it engaging for many players at once.


“Wordle” is a web-based word puzzle where players guess a five-letter word in six tries, with hints in different colors. While usually a solo game, you can also play it with a large virtual team to help team members exercise the brain muscles of memory and attention.

Great for teams loving word games and puzzles, “Wordle” boosts communication, teamwork, and reasoning, skills useful in daily work. It’s not just about guessing words; it’s about problem-solving with your team and having fun while cracking the code.

Virtual Team Pictionary

If you are looking for a game that will let you and your teammates get creative while having lots of laughs, look no further. “Pictionary” is a drawing and guessing game where someone draws while teammates guess what it is. You can go for a hosted virtual Pictionary for added structure, or use paper and pencil or Zoom's whiteboard feature.

Easy to set up and offering an opportunity for everyone to participate, “Pictionary” is ideal for teams that enjoy creative and interactive challenges​. 

Perspective Drawing

“Perspective Drawing” is a virtual drawing game that highlights team members' unique perspectives. Here’s how it works: Everyone draws their idea based on a given prompt, then shares and talks about their creations.

The game is perfect for teams into creative expression and team bonding. It’s a fantastic way to explore how each team member sees things differently and how those perspectives come together. It’s especially great for large groups online because it encourages everyone to share their unique views, fostering a stronger sense of connection and understanding within the team.

​Cards Against Humanity (Online Version)

Looking for a fun way to hang out virtually? Consider playing the well-known card game "Cards Against Humanity" with friends or coworkers. It’s an adult game where one player picks a question card, and others pick the funniest answers from their cards. This website lets you create an easy-to-play virtual game on your phone or laptop. Players join a digital game room through a link, seeing the game live while keeping their own cards private.

The game's humor and light-hearted competition make it engaging and enjoyable for a large number of players, fostering interaction and laughter among the group.

Online Scattergories

This online version of the classic word game is perfect for big groups on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. All you need is paper and a willingness to brainstorm words. Simply pick a topic and a starting letter (for instance, the first letter of the last name of the first person in the meeting), and let the creativity flow. 

Online Scattegories” is great for teams loving wordplay and creative thinking. It’s a fun icebreaker that brings in fun and a bit of friendly competition, boosting team spirit and strengthening team bonds. 

Psych (Online)

Psych” is a fun game where players come up with fake answers for real trivia questions. The player who picks the correct answer earns points. To play, download the app and invite your team. The game offers diverse and entertaining categories, perfect for trying out with your remote team.

This game is great for larger groups because it sparks laughter and encourages creative thinking. It’s an excellent way for many players to bond, share laughs, and showcase their imaginative side, adding a lively buzz to team interactions.

Online Cooking Challenge

This is a virtual cooking competition where participants make dishes inspired by a specific theme or ingredients in a limited time. They showcase their creations over a video call, sharing their cooking journey and inspiration. Winners can be chosen through votes from peers, a panel, or the audience.

Perfect for teams loving cooking and creativity, an online cooking challenge is a great way to bring the team together, encouraging a sense of togetherness and friendly competition.

Slides with Friends 

Slides with Friends” is a platform where you can personalize virtual games for interactive fun. It offers ready-to-use templates for team building, meetings, brainstorming, and more. Each template clearly states the number of slides, approximate time for playing, and recommended group size, making it easy to choose. There's always something new to enjoy without too much time for setup. All you need to do is make a slide show, start a Zoom call, and share your screen. Everyone can join the event using their phones to answer questions, type responses, vote, share pictures, make fun noises, and more!

The platform is perfect for teams looking for diverse and engaging virtual games. It's especially fun because it's flexible and inclusive for remote teams, fostering collaboration in a lively and interactive manner.

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