The 16 Best Virtual Baby Shower Games

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The 16 Best Virtual Baby Shower Games

Whether you're an excited mom-to-be, a bestie planning a surprise party, or just looking for some fun ideas to celebrate a special little one on the way, we've got you covered. From guessing games that'll have you laughing out loud to activities that bring out the detective in you, these virtual baby shower games are designed to add a dash of joy to your virtual celebration. 

Baby Shower Game by Slides with Friends

"Baby Shower" by Slides with Friends consists of two rounds: In the first round, players get a chance to talk about the mom-to-be with prompts like "Share a story about the mom-to-be" and "What's something you think the mom will be great at?" The second round focuses on baby names, asking questions like "What do you know about popular baby names?" and offering choices such as "Which popular baby girl name do you prefer?"

This game is great for online baby showers where the guests don't all know each other well. It makes it easy for people to start talking and sharing their stories and ideas, making the online event feel more friendly and fun. 

Baby Shower Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

“Baby Shower Virtual Scavenger Hunt” is like any virtual scavenger hunt, but this time, it's all about baby-themed items! To play, share a list of common household items like spoons, books, or plants, alongside baby-related items such as a "makeshift diaper" or "baby play toy." Players rush to find these items at home, showcasing them on camera.

This baby shower activity is perfect for energetic groups and can be easily adapted for virtual gatherings. It's an engaging activity that gets everyone involved and can lead to hilarious discoveries.

Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary 

In this guessing game, players guess baby-related words and phrases based on emoji clues. Players decode emoji strings to guess baby-related words or phrases like "virtual baby shower" from clues like laptop + baby + shower. To level up, challenge them with children's book titles hidden in emojis—like 🐷🐷🐷🐺 for The Three Little Pigs. 

Great for those who love puzzles and are familiar with children's literature, the “Baby Emoji Baby Shower Pictionary Game” combines the playfulness of emojis with the nostalgia of popular children's books.

Guess the Baby’s Gender

This is another game where guests need to put their guessing abilities to the test by predicting the baby's gender. You can keep it simple with verbal guesses or notepad paper, or send each participant a printable or card beforehand that you’ll later get as a keepsake.

This game is fun for anyone as it builds excitement and anticipation around the gender reveal moment, but it’s especially exciting for those eagerly anticipating the gender reveal like the parents or grandparents-to-be. 

Baby Shower Trivia 

This trivia game comes in the form of an interactive slide deck that you can customize by adding trivia questions about babies, parenting, and related topics for baby shower guests to answer, such as “How many diapers does a baby go through in their first year?” or “What is the highest recorded number of children born to one mother?”

This fun game is suitable for a diverse group, including those with or without children. It's a mix of education and entertainment, sparking lively discussions and uncovering surprising facts (yes, a tiny baby will go through a whopping 3000 diapers in just one year!).

Baby Shower The Price Is Right 

In this virtual baby shower game, players estimate the prices of various baby items, the likes of a baby doll, baby bottle, baby food, blanket, pacifier, and diapers. To play, display baby items or pictures and descriptions of those items. Display the items one by one and have guests guess their prices. Whoever is closest in their guess gets a point. 

This game is great for a diverse group, including those who might be parents themselves, offering a familiar game style along with valuable insights for expectant parents.

Name That Baby Tune 

The best baby shower games with music are simple, fun, and work for everyone! “Guess That Baby Tune” is a guessing game focused on nursery rhymes, lullabies, and baby songs. Use a music streaming service to play short clips of these songs and ask guests to guess each tune. Keep playing until someone correctly names the song; the person who guesses the most songs wins!

This game is suitable for guests of all ages, especially those who enjoy music. It’s fun because it brings back childhood memories and, even though it looks super easy, it can be surprisingly challenging.

Baby Predictions & Advice For Mom

"Baby Predictions & Advice for Mom" is a baby shower activity where guests share their predictions and tips for the expecting mom. Here's how to do it. Guests should start by writing their guesses about the baby (like the birth date, name, gender, or weight) along with a piece of advice. You can have mothers in the room share essential tips or make the game goofier by asking non-parents to write down funny parenting advice that they associate with their mom or dad. 

This unique baby shower game is perfect for a more sentimental gathering with a dash of humor, creating heartfelt keepsakes for the mom and fostering a supportive atmosphere.

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Guess Who, Mommy or Daddy?

In this easy guessing game, guests try to figure out whether certain statements apply more to the mom or dad. Guests are asked questions about which parent is more likely to do certain things after the baby is born, like changing the most diapers or being a helicopter parent. 

It can be fun for guests who know the parents well, giving insights into their personalities and relationship. And since there are no right or wrong answers, it's all for fun, offering a good laugh with the results!

Baby Shower Jibber Jabber 

This is an interactive PowerPoint game where players try to figure out funny-sounding words. Each player has 20 seconds to say the sound aloud before the real answer shows up. “Jibber Jabber” is perfect for a lighthearted and playful audience as it is sure to lead to tons of laughter. 

Celebrity Baby Names 

“Celebrity Baby Names” is a game where guests match celebrities to their baby's names. You can send out pre-made printables containing separate lists of celebrities and baby names or play the game verbally on Zoom. The guest with the most matches wins! 

Great for pop culture fans who enjoy celebrity news, this game is super fun because it combines the intrigue of celebrity culture with the whimsy of unique baby names.

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Virtual Baby Shower Gift Bingo 

A variation of traditional bingo adapted for baby showers, this can be played as a standalone game or during gift opening. You can easily adapt this game for a virtual get-together by sending a printable bingo card in advance. As the parent-to-be unwraps gifts on-screen, mark off items from the baby registry on your card to get a "BINGO." If there's no gift opening, you can play using common baby shower words—whenever someone says these words, mark them on your sheet.

This game is suitable for all guests as it is familiar and easy to play. Playing Bingo is fun because it's a structured yet relaxed activity with a bit of a competitive spirit.

Baby Word Scramble

A fun twist on the classic word scramble game, “Baby Word Scramble” is a puzzle game where guests unscramble letters to create words related to babies, baby showers, parenting, and related topics. To play, share a list of 10-20 scrambled words for guests to solve within a specific time. You can make your list or use a pre-made printable. The winner is the guest who finds and writes all the correct words first. 

The game is great for word game enthusiasts and those who enjoy a good puzzle as it challenges the guests' linguistic skills and can get pretty competitive.

Baby Animals 

Let your guests show off their knowledge about the cutest part of the animal kingdom in this matching game where players connect baby animals with their parents. The host calls out the adult animal's name, and guests respond by identifying the baby animal. Players can either raise their hands to answer or take turns responding in order. 

Perfect for animal enthusiasts and those who like learning through play, this game is both fun and educational, leading to interesting discoveries about animals.

Old Wives Tales 

“Old Wives Tales” is all about guessing the baby's gender using old wives' tales and beliefs. To play, share a printable containing various old tales about predicting a baby's gender, and have guests guess based on these stories. For example, if the mom-to-be carries the baby high, will it be a boy or a girl? Or if she craves sweets during pregnancy, is it a sign of a boy or a girl? 

Ideal for those who enjoy old stories and superstitions, “Old Wives Tales Baby Game” is a fun way to mix tradition with guessing, sparking amusing debates and adding laughter to the celebration.

Baby Candy Bar 

This is a humorous and slightly gross game that involves candy bars and diapers. To play, melt various candy bars in diapers, numbering each diaper to match the candy bar inside. Arrange the diapers, take photos, and have guests guess which candy bar created the 'mess.' 

Ideal for guests with a good sense of humor and a strong stomach, this hilarious baby shower game is about laughs and surprises. It brings a mix of "ewws" and giggles, creating a memorable and one-of-a-kind experience for everyone involved.

Virtual Baby Photo Match

“Virtual Baby Photo Match” is a heartwarming game where guests guess who's who from their baby pictures. To play, ask guests to send you their baby photos in a digital format. You can use any video call platform like Zoom or Skype to show these baby photos one by one or display them as a collage. Everyone gets five minutes to match the baby photos to the guests. The person with the most correct matches wins! 

Best for groups who know each other well or for cozy gatherings, this baby shower game sparks nostalgia and storytelling. It brings laughs and surprises as guests see how much everyone has changed, making it a delightful stroll down memory lane.

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