The 9 Best Online Voting Tools for Meetings

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The 9 Best Online Voting Tools for Meetings

We all know how board elections and big decisions can really eat your time. Time that could be spent growing the business! Sure, these decisions are super important for the future, but let's face it, we need a faster way to get them done.

Enter the world of online voting tools for meetings. They're a game-changer, especially now that most of our meetings have gone virtual. Forget the old-school methods – they just don't cut it anymore. These tools make the whole process more dynamic, allowing the bigwigs to quickly cast votes, share their brilliant ideas, and help steer the company towards exciting new achievements.

So, here's a bunch of these nifty tools to help your business zip through those crucial decisions. Ready to check them out?

Slides With Friends 

Slides With Friends lets you build interactive slide decks and launch them like a PowerPoint presentation. Then your team joins into your presentation and can send live responses from their phones or computers, and you can display their answers real-time.

The platform is really simple to use. You get lots of different types of polls like questions, charts, multiple choice, and graphs. Making cool polls is easy—just add a new slide for each question. To participate, just scan a QR code and join via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Webex. No need for apps or downloads. Launching your group poll feels like presenting slides; share your screen on a projection or through the 'screen share' feature during your video call to involve your team seamlessly.


VoxVote is a cloud-powered online voting tool that empowers businesses to run tailored quizzes, surveys, and polls. You can send these through SMS or mobile platforms to gather feedback in real time, assess skills, and dig into detailed analyses. The self-proclaimed “Kahoot for business” differentiates from other similar tools by avoiding the set up of monthly subscriptions. 

VoxVote is versatile and can be used in various settings like online courses, classrooms, meetings, conferences, and events. You can use VoxVote's mobile apps on Android and iOS to easily send polls and quizzes to users' devices for instant result tracking.

There are different pricing options available. There's a free plan, but it has some limitations on events and questions. Paid options are customizable, and VoxVote uses a credit-based system instead of monthly fees, so you only pay for what you use.

While VoxVote works well, there are some areas that could use improvement. For instance, you can't import polls into presentations, and live results require a page refresh. Plus, features like question export/import and quiz-sharing aren't available yet.


Vevox is a live polling and Q&A tool ideal for businesses and schools aiming to simplify engagement and feedback. It enables real-time survey data collection and allows quick Excel report downloads for easy attendance and survey result monitoring. If you're stuck on making survey questions, Vevox has an AI generator to help create them in seconds. Another feature that distinguishes this voting tool is its anonymity settings, which encourage honest feedback.

With a range of plans, there's something for every budget, starting at $10.95 per user per month for the Starter Business plan. There is also a generous free plan allowing users to experience the power of Vevox. 

Vevox is versatile, offering different question types and an audience Q&A feature where feedback can be anonymous and sorted by likes. It's great for managing communication and access through a dashboard, but some new users might find the pricing a bit tricky. Also, there are some alignment issues in the interface that some users have noticed, which might affect the overall experience.


eBallot is a secure online voting tool that allows businesses to create polls and surveys. It works on the cloud, allowing you to customize your ballots, invite voters, collect votes, and analyze the results. The pricing starts at $4.99 per month for the self-administration tier, accommodating up to 50 voters.

One feature that distinguishes eBallot from other voting tools is that it allows feedback on important business choices through secure online voting. You can also customize the look of your ballots to match your company's style, tweak timing and questions, and try different ballot types. Plus, you can save drafts or schedule openings with automatic invites and reminders. 

However, some users have mentioned issues where voters need to leave the app for info before voting and have had trouble with customer service.


Slido is an audience interaction platform that helps users make the most of their meetings by letting the audience get involved with Q&A, polls, and quizzes. It’s a go-to tool for people handling internal communication, leading teams, organizing conferences, or just presenting solo, aiming to boost engagement and foster open conversations.

What’s special about Slido is how easily it works with popular video and presentation platforms like Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Slides, and PowerPoint. It’s been used by big names like Asana, Oracle, and BBC, engaging 55 million active participants.

Pricing tiers vary from a free Basic plan to a $150-per-year Enterprise option. Users suggest using learning resources to make the most of the tool and mention that the pricing might be a bit high if you don’t use it often. 


The popular learning and engagement platform Kahoot! has teamed up with Zoom’s Essential Apps, allowing corporate teams to easily integrate interactive elements into their online meetings, presentations, and training sessions on Zoom.

The platform offers a range of interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, word clouds, puzzles, and brainstorming sessions to test knowledge, involve the audience, promote focus, and collect and vote on ideas. Whether starting from scratch or utilizing pre-designed templates, users can select from a variety of question types, incorporating images and videos to heighten participant engagement. Moreover, users can create dynamic presentations by importing slides and present Kahoot! live on a shared screen during in-person meetings or remotely via video conferences. 

Individual plans start at $17, while Team plans span from $18 to $39 per host monthly. The plans tailored for one-time events include a Bronze option, beginning at $250 for up to 100 participants per session, a Silver plan priced at $500, and a Gold plan that costs $750, accommodates up to 2000 participants, and offers personalized onboarding sessions.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a flexible tool that lets you create surveys and questionnaires for free. It's great for collecting and sorting lots of different info. You can make forms with different types of questions, customize them easily, and organize everything neatly using dropdowns, multiple-choice options, and logic for showing questions based on answers. You can even personalize them with images, videos (including YouTube), logos, and different themes.

The responses you get are automatically organized in real-time, and you can easily check summaries and dig deeper using Google Sheets. It works well on mobile, and you can collaborate by sending email invites or sharing the forms through links, email, embedding, or social media. But some folks wish there were more templates available to make the forms look less basic.

Google Forms is part of Google Workspace and is free to use, but if you want extra features, the Business Standard tier costs $12 per user each month.


Typeform is a tool where you can make quizzes, forms, and surveys. It stands out because it asks questions one after another, getting better responses and more people finishing them. It also adjusts questions based on what people answer and looks nice with its templates and clean design.

Typeform works well with other popular tools and helps you work faster with automated workflows. Plus, it gives you strong info through its analytics, helping you make smart choices. Whether you're getting leads, hearing from customers, organizing events, or surveying employees, Typeform covers a lot for business growth.

The Free Plan lets you get 100 responses a month on forms with up to 10 fields. If you need more, there's the Basic plan for $25 a month with 100 responses on unlimited typeforms. The Plus plan goes for $50 a month, and the Business plan starts at $83 a month. But some folks think it's a bit pricey, especially for small companies that can't spend a lot on a survey tool.


SurveyMonkey is a top player in survey software, handling 20 million questions answered every day. It allows you to choose from over 250 expert-made survey templates and tweak them easily. Their new AI tool, SurveyMonkey Genius®, helps you ask the best questions and speeds up getting insights. In addition, you can listen to your stakeholders by gathering responses through web links, emails, or by adding surveys to your website. 

When it comes to meetings, SurveyMonkey works great with Zoom to gather feedback from attendees and make meetings more productive. The surveys from this feedback turn meetings into places for ideas, helping make plans for action and making sure everyone leaves more informed.

SurveyMonkey offers pricing across Individual, Team, and Enterprise plans. Individual plans range from $39/month to $99/month, while Team plans start at $30/month and go up to $75/month. For Enterprise pricing, direct contact is necessary.

However, users highlight certain downsides, including potential high costs, slow customer service, and the call for better fraud prevention measures during registration.

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