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How to Make an Interactive PowerPoint in 3 Easy Steps

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Cecilia Razak
How to Make an Interactive PowerPoint in 3 Easy Steps

Why Interactivity?

It's important for engagement. The more you allow your audience to participate and listen to them, the more they'll be engaged with your material and listen to you, right back.

How to go from PowerPoint to Interactive Slide Deck

To make any PowerPoint deck interactive, you can use Slides With Friends to give prompts and get responses from your audience, while still using the slides you created in PowerPoint. So whether you're looking to run a live poll of your conference audience, do an icebreaker before you start, build a wordcloud during your talk, or just get feedback from your audience members, this is the tool for you.

It's easy to do!

Step 1 - Get this interactive deck

To copy, you'll first need to create an account on Slides With Friends by clicking "Create free account". You can create the account and copy the deck for free, but the PowerPoint upload itself is a premium feature.

Once you've got an account, copy this sample deck: Interactive PowerPoint Deck Template. It's a template that you can add your own PowerPoint slides into. We'll walk you through how to customize it for your own slides!

Step 2 - Add your PPT slides to your deck

Note, to upload your PowerPoint, you'll need an upgraded account first. Here's details on our pricing and how to upgrade to unlock this premium feature.

Complete your PowerPoint deck, save it, then add it to the deck you copied! Here's how:

  1. Head to your account and open the sample deck you copied
  2. Click "Import" to upload your .ppt, .pptx, or .pdf slide deck presentation.
  3. Select "replace" — this will remove the sample imported slides, and replace them with your own.
  4. Drag your file into the upload box. The fewer slides you have, the quicker it will be to upload.

Step 3 - Add interactions

Once you've got your PPT slides in your presentation, you can now add the interactive portions.

Each interaction is added like a new slide to your deck. So for instance, if you want to add a Poll question to a PPT slide, this would be a new slide that you would place directly after your static PowerPoint slide.

Add these interactions by opening the "+" button in the top menu, and selecting what type of interactive slide you want to add. Here are the options of all the interaction types you can add:

Multiple choice, Text answer question, Vote, answer roundup, score summary, pass the mic, picture share, wordcloud, rating, poll slide

Multiple Choice Question: A slide that asks a question and supplies a set of answers that your players can choose between. You can show who guessed what, and the correct answer(s), optionally after each question. These slides are best for surveys, trivia questions, quizzes, polls, and anywhere else there are a fixed set of responses.

Text answer question:  A slide that asks a question but doesn't give answer options to choose from, instead your audience types their response. The system will determine if a response is correct or incorrect by comparing it to the answer(s) you have input.

User Vote: An Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity style interaction. Give a prompt or ask a question, and players send in responses. Then they can vote for their favorite, from all the other player's responses.

Answer roundup: If you've hidden the correct answers from the any previous multiple choice or text answer questions, you can display them all in a row with this slide.

Score summary: Show the leaderboard! Display those with the highest scores so far. You can set how many players to show in a row.

Pass the mic: Display each participant's avatar, one at a time in a random order, to give them a chance to speak. You can set how many players you'd like to go through — from everyone in the game to just one person.

Picture share: Players can upload or take images with their phones. The slide will then show a however many images you selected that it display, in random order, one at a time. Think of it like photo show & tell.

Wordcloud: Players can send a word or short phrase, and it will pop up on your display screen. They can tap on words from others to make those words larger. The end effect is a cloud of words with the most popular words appearing larger.

Rating: Allow participants to select from a set of pre-determined rating options, from Likert scores, to agree / disagree, to Emoji faces.

Poll slide: Allow participants to select from up to 6 answer options that you've type in. Then display the responses in a graph, donut chart, or by player name.

Last thing — Try it out!

It's time to see how everything works!

Start an event and join in yourself using your phone to scan the QR code. You'll be able to see how the event will look to your players, how your PPT slides look on the phone, and send responses to see how everything works.

Watch the video for an in-depth tutorial:

You can watch the video, or simply follow the steps below.

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