How to Say Happy Work Anniversary! 50 Messages, Quotes, and GIFs

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How to Say Happy Work Anniversary! 50 Messages, Quotes, and GIFs

Acknowledging work anniversaries is a great way to get your team members feel special and valued. A work anniversary is a big accomplishment these days, and acknowledging it even with a quick note or email (or linkedin post) lets your team know you care — and that you’re paying attention.

We’ve had a decade of experience running teams.Here are some of the best ways to say Happy Workaversary!

Funny Work Anniversary Messages

  1. Has it only been a year? Well, happy work anniversary.
  2. Thanks for being my emotional support co-worker. Happy work anniversary!
  3. It’s not every day you get to work with someone so dedicated, intelligent, and kind. While we wait for that person, thanks for filling in. Happy work anniversary!
  4. Wow! You’ve made it another year here. Happy anniversary!
  5. Congratulations on getting to work with me for another year! Happy work anniversary!
  6. Is it your work anniversary again? I swear you just had one last year. Congrats anyways, I guess!
  7. Time flies when you’re having fun! Thanks for being the best co-worker! Happy work anniversary!
  8. You can do a lot in a year. Not YOU, but people can do a lot. Happy work anniversary!
  9. Another year and we’re both still stuck here. Happy work anniversary!
  10. Happy retirement! Oh, I mean work anniversary. Happy work anniversary!

Play a Happy Work Anniversary Game

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the work anniversary of someone on your team? Take a couple minutes off from work and play this Happy Work Anniversary Game with the group to recognize all the hard work of the person with the work anniversary.

Work Anniversary GIFs

Work Anniversary Memes

Thoughtful Work Anniversary Messages

  1. Our team wouldn’t be “our team” without you! We’re so thankful for you. Happy anniversary!
  2. We’re so grateful for all you do for our company. Happy work anniversary!
  3. I’m so proud to be part of your team! Thank you for your hard work. Happy anniversary!
  4. Congrats on your work anniversary! Thank you for your hard work, leadership, and support.
  5. You are a delight to work with and we couldn’t imagine this place without you! Happy work anniversary!
  6. You’ve officially completed your Xth year with us! Happy work anniversary!
  7. One down, plenty more to come! Happy work anniversary!
  8. It has been a pleasure seeing you grow over the last year. Happy work anniversary!
  9. Happy anniversary! Congratulations on another great year of work.
  10. You’re amazing and we’re so glad to have you. Happy work anniversary!

Virtual Team Work Anniversary Messages

  1. So thankful for all the work you do, on and off the screen. Happy work anniversary!
  2. Working with you this past years hasn’t felt at all ‘remote’. Thank you for being such an awesome co-worker. Happy work anniversary!
  3. You are such a gift to our remote team. Thank you for all you do. Happy work anniversary!
  4. Thank you for Slacking me the best memes during work. I couldn’t survive here without you. Happy work anniversary!
  5. We may be miles apart, but I’m celebrating you today! Happy work anniversary!
  6. You've virtually become my best teammate this year! Happy work anniversary!
  7. You're an unseen super star! Happy work anniversary!
  8. Happy work anniversary! We may only see you on Zoom, but you're such an important part of this team!
  9. Thank you for being such an important virtual team member! Happy work anniversary!
  10. Congrats on another year of amazing remote work! Happy work anniversary!

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