11 Great Gamification Apps for your Team

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11 Great Gamification Apps for your Team

11 Great Gamification Apps for your Team

The trend of gamification has shaken up the world of training in recent years. Training employees is a key component of any company's success. But the challenge is to keep employees engaged, or you risk wasting resources on ineffective education programs.  

Gamification is the application of game design principles to a task. It makes use of game elements, like points and leaderboards, to enhance the appeal of an activity. The result, as supported by research, is a significant improvement of learning outcomes.  

Its efficacy is why gamification has become widespread in corporate training settings. And to help you benefit from this practice, we prepared a list of our favorite gamification apps.

Slides with Friends

Slides with Friends is a web app that lets you create and play interactive slides with your team.

You can add game elements to your slides. Quizzes, live polls, word clouds, and more, will make your sessions more engaging and effective. The software also comes with powerful gamification tools, like leaderboards, badges, points, and rewards, to motivate your learners and track their progress. Plus, you can customize your slides with your own branding, colors, fonts, and images, to make them look professional and unique.

The platform is easy to use, with its pre-made decks and the online editor that only takes a few minutes to get used to. Adding to its simplicity is the method for joining training sessions. All you have to do is share a QR code or a link and anyone can join without an account.

Slides with Friends is perfect if you want to keep your audience engaged and boost learning outcomes. Whether you want to teach, train, or entertain, Slides with Friends will help you create slides that everyone will love.


Gametize is a gamification software that offers a range of tools to add an element of fun and interactivity to work and learning.

This software provides diverse challenge options, such as real-world tasks, quizzes, polls, and even QR code challenges. This allows businesses to create unique and engaging experiences for their users. Users can earn points and unlock virtual items as they achieve specific milestones, making their tasks more exciting. Additionally, Gametize supports team competitions, promoting camaraderie and healthy competition.

Gametize is easy to use, your users won't need any technical skills to make the most of it. But it's still feature-rich, so you will need some time to set it up to your liking.

Gametize is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking to incorporate gamification into their training, onboarding, or customer engagement processes. Its flexibility in challenge types and pricing plans makes it a versatile choice for businesses seeking an easy and effective way to introduce gamification.


Engagedly is a fun and easy-to-use gamification software. It's designed to make work and company trainings more engaging. Engagedly is a solid tool for improving how people work together, by adding game-like features to training and everyday tasks. Tools like instant feedback, celebrating successes, and keeping track of goals all serve the software's aims.

The heart of Engagedly is its game elements – points, badges, and leaderboards. These make work feel like a fun challenge and recognize people for their hard work. You can also tailor these features to fit what your team cares about most.

Engagedly is a serious tool for keeping an eye on how things are going, setting targets, and saying 'well done' to team members. It's perfect for companies that want to make work and training more enjoyable and productive.

This gamification platform is particularly well-suited for mid-sized companies looking for flexibility in performance management.


Funifier is a gamification software that helps businesses keep their employees and customers more interested and involved. It's designed to be easy for different kinds of businesses, big or small, to use.

What makes Funifier special is that it lets you change settings to fit your business just right. You can use it on different platforms like apps, websites, or social media. It’s great because it connects with what your business is already using.

With Funifier, you can set goals and see how well your gamification ideas are working. It's like having a smart assistant to show you what's working and what's not. You get tools like badges, leaderboards, and tracking everyone's activities, which make it fun and competitive.

The software's ease-of-use and customization options make it a great fit for various industries, including technology and software development, retail and wholesale, banking and finance, media and publishing, and more.


Seppo is an engaging gamification software that's all about turning learning and training into a fun, interactive experience. It's really good at making learning activities exciting by using games on mobile devices. This makes it a lot easier and more fun for people to learn new things.

The software lets you use real-world locations and maps to create learning activities. This means you can make learning feel more real and relevant. For example, you could create a game where learners have to visit certain places or solve problems based on real-world scenarios. It's very hands-on and gets people involved in what they're learning.

Seppo lets you quickly set up new games with great templates, and the mobile app is fast and stable.

This software is perfect for businesses of any size that want to make training and learning more interactive and enjoyable. It's especially useful for creating team activities or training that's based in the real world.


Spinify is a gamification software that focuses on boosting team motivation and productivity. It is especially geared to make daily work targets more engaging and fun by turning them into competitive games.

Spinify's features include leaderboards and the ability to track various sales metrics. This helps create a competitive atmosphere that can be very motivating. The software also offers customization options, allowing teams to tailor the experience to their specific needs. For instance, it can be set up to play a celebratory video when a deal is closed, adding an extra layer of excitement to achieving goals.

Ease of use wise, users have noted its straightforward layout and design, making it easy to understand and navigate. However, some users have mentioned that the initial setup can be a bit involved and might need more steps than expected.

Spinify is best suited for sales teams and businesses looking to enhance team engagement and performance through gamification. It works particularly well in environments where sales metrics and targets are a key focus. Companies of various sizes, including those with large sales teams, can enjoy its features to drive competition and motivation.


StriveCloud is a gamification software that's added to existing web and mobile learning apps to make them more engaging. It introduces fun elements like points, badges, and leaderboards, turning regular app interactions into exciting challenges.

This software is full of features to spice up learning apps. You can set up quizzes, interactive challenges, and give rewards. Although it has a lot of options, which might take some time to learn, the StriveCloud team helps make it easier. Their support will guide you on how to add these gamification elements seamlessly into your existing app.

StriveCloud is a go-to choice for companies wanting to add an engaging layer of gamification to their already-existing app, as it makes these apps more interactive and engaging for their users.


Ambition is a sales gamification software that helps sales teams track their progress and stay motivated. It turns sales activities like making calls or sending emails into a fun competition.

The software lets salespeople compete with each other in a friendly way. They can see how they're doing on leaderboards and get rewards for hitting their targets. Ambition even lets you add personal touches, like playing a special song when someone makes a sale. Setting it up can take a bit of time because there are many features to learn.

Ambition is really good for companies looking to go the extra mile when training their sales teams.

It helps these teams focus more on their sales goals by making their daily work feel like a game. This can make sales teams more productive and make their work more fun. Companies that want to keep their salespeople engaged and excited about their goals will find Ambition very useful​.

Bunchball Nitro

Bunchball Nitro is a platform packed with gamification tools. It turns potentially tedious work tasks into a game, which helps keep employees more engaged.

For example, it can help companies streamline and enhance the employee onboarding process. By gamifying this experience, new hires can be more quickly and engagingly brought up to speed with company policies, culture, and job-specific tasks.

It's also great for sales teams. They can join in contests that are all about meeting their sales goals. It's like turning their work into a sports game, where hitting targets means winning prizes. The goal is to make the team excited to perform well, while identifying areas that need more help.

But all this power comes at a price. The software comes with a steep learning curve — so if you're looking for something you could implement quickly, then it might not be for you.


Centrical is a software that makes work fun and engaging. It helps companies of different sizes to inspire their employees and improve their results.

Centrical lets employees choose their own learning paths. For example, a big insurance company used Centrical to make their sales training and management more exciting. The company made a car race game, where sales agents could move forward by learning new things and reaching their sales goals. The game also had team contests, personal challenges, badges, leaderboards, and prizes. This helped the company to increase their sales, keep more customers, and make their employees happier.

Centrical is easy to use, with a simple and clear interface. Both managers and employees can find and use its features without difficulty. But it may take some time to learn and use all its possibilities.

Centrical is a great choice for businesses that want to boost their employee engagement and performance. It can work for both small and big companies, and connect with different HR and performance systems.


Kahoot is a platform that helps trainers gamify learning.

Kahoot has many features that add excitement and competition to the quizzes. For example, it has a game mode called “Space Race”, where learners race spaceships by answering questions correctly. Trainers can also use Kahoot to create surveys and discussions, and get feedback in real time.

Kahoot is easy to use, with a simple and clear interface. Teachers and trainers can create their own quizzes and games, or choose from a library of ready-made ones. Learners can join the quizzes and games by using their own devices.

Kahoot is a great choice for educators and trainers who want to make learning more fun and memorable. It can work for different subjects, topics, and levels, and connect with different learning platforms and systems. The gamification part of Kahoot is good at motivating learners by adding fun and challenging elements that help them learn and improve.

Gamify your training to enjoy improved employee satisfaction and learning outcomes

Gamification is a powerful way to make training more engaging, motivating, and effective for employees. By incorporating elements of fun, challenge, feedback, and rewards, gamification can enhance the learning experience and outcomes.

Gamification can also improve employee satisfaction, retention, and performance, as well as foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. If you want to take your training to the next level, consider gamifying it and see the results for yourself.

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