The Best 9 Employee Onboarding Software to Get New Hires up to Speed Fast

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The Best 9 Employee Onboarding Software to Get New Hires up to Speed Fast

The Best 9 Employee Onboarding Software to Get New Hires up to Speed Fast

The arrival of new hires is always a time of great anticipation and potential in any company. It brings fresh perspectives and the promise of growth, both for the individual and the organization. 

But new hires also represent a challenge. Hiring and training a new employee costs, on average, several thousands of dollars. That’s because new hires need time to integrate into their new role. 

The best way to speed up the process is by using onboarding software. The right onboarding software can play a pivotal role in this transition by helping employees get up to speed with your company’s policies and processes.

That’s why we’ve put a list of the best onboarding software to help you pick the proper one for your company. 

Slides With Friends

Slides With Friends is a dynamic and versatile presentation tool that makes efficient onboarding a breeze for new employees. 

When onboarding new team members, it's crucial to ensure they grasp the subtleties of their roles, especially if they come from different companies with varying processes and policies.

With Slides With Friends, you can enhance the onboarding experience by adding various interactive elements to your presentations, including images, videos, polls, quizzes, and more. You can also invite your audience to join the presentation using a link or QR code, enabling real-time feedback and responses.

This approach allows you to engage your new hires in a fun and interactive manner while assessing their understanding and progress. Using our user-friendly editor, you can effortlessly customize ready-made templates in just a few clicks. 

We recommend starting with the Conference Quiz deck:

Slides With Friends is the perfect onboarding software for companies that want to make their new hires feel welcome, informed, and motivated. 


BambooHR is an efficient and user-friendly onboarding tool that streamlines the integration of new hires.

The software stands out for its ability to create tailored onboarding checklists. These checklists ensure each new employee gets a customized welcome that's relevant to their role. They also add a personal touch, which helps new hires connect with their teams and the company culture right from the start.

The platform makes paperwork a breeze with its electronic signature feature. It allows new hires to complete necessary documents quickly and digitally. This efficiency means they can focus more on settling into their new roles. BambooHR also helps maintain engagement with new employees through features like welcome emails and IT checklists, ensuring they have all the essential information before their first day.

With BambooHR, the onboarding experience is not just about filling forms; it's about creating meaningful connections and ensuring new employees feel included and prepared. This approach contributes to higher job satisfaction and retention rates. 

Overall, BambooHR offers a holistic onboarding experience that is both welcoming and efficient.


Deel is an onboarding and payroll platform that offers comprehensive solutions for managing international employees and contractors. 

It's particularly useful for businesses looking to expand globally, as it provides Employer of Record (EOR) services in over 100 countries. 

The platform offers a free HR plan for companies with fewer than 200 employees. This plan includes essential tools for onboarding and offboarding employees, managing PTO, expenses, and providing reporting tools for monitoring various data metrics. 

However, there are some limitations to Deel's offerings. For instance, it lacks built-in time tracking tools and does not have a mobile app for employers or workers. Also, its per-worker pricing model could be potentially costly for some businesses. 

Overall, Deel stands out for its ability to simplify the complex processes of international hiring and onboarding, making it an attractive choice for companies expanding globally


Whale is a knowledge-sharing and training platform tailored for small to medium organizations. 

Whale is a tool designed to align teams quickly and efficiently. It centralizes and standardizes procedures and processes, making it simpler to document company knowledge. 

Whale's standout features include AI Assist, Screen Recorder, and SOP templates for creating documentation. The platform also streamlines employee onboarding and training through quizzes, automated training flows, and read assignments. 

This approach not only saves time but also fosters consistency in training across the organization. Whale's user-friendly interface and structured documentation tools make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking an effective and organized way to onboard and train new staff​​.

Additionally, Whale ensures that company knowledge stays up to date with analytics, version control, and expert update cycles. It's highly praised for reducing new hire ramp-up time by 25% and operational errors by at least 10%. Recognized for its ease of use and strong customer support, Whale is ranked highly among users and is suitable for teams of all sizes. 

Overall, Whale is an effective solution for improving documentation, training, and growth within organizations​​.


Gusto is a versatile HR software that's particularly effective for onboarding new employees. 

With Gusto, you can create customized onboarding checklists, ensuring that each new employee receives a personalized welcome and understands the required steps. These steps include completing necessary forms, receiving welcome emails, and enrolling in direct deposit.

Additionally, Gusto offers a software provisioning feature, allowing hiring managers to quickly set up accounts for new hires in various applications like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, and Zoom. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that new employees have access to all the tools they need from day one.

In terms of pricing, Gusto offers several plans to suit different business needs. The plans vary in terms of features and price, with the most basic plan starting at $39 per month plus an additional fee per employee.

Overall, Gusto is highly recommended for small businesses looking for an affordable and efficient solution to manage HR tasks, including onboarding new employees. Its ease of use and comprehensive features make it a strong choice in the market.


Rippling is a top-choice HR platform that's especially good for managing onboarding processes. It's an all-in-one system, combining HR and payroll management in a user-friendly package. Rippling stands out for its ability to automate many HR tasks. This means things like tracking employee performance, managing time off, and handling payroll are much simpler.

One of Rippling's big pluses is its customization options. You can set up the system to fit your company's specific needs. It's also great for businesses with employees in different places because it handles local and federal compliance really well.

While Rippling is great for automating and integrating HR tasks, it's worth noting that some features, like employee performance reviews, might need extra integration. Also, its background check feature can be a bit pricey.

Rippling starts at $8 per user per month. It's highly rated by users for its ease of use and wide range of features, making it a solid option for businesses looking for a comprehensive HR solution​


Connecteam is a comprehensive employee app that's highly effective for onboarding new team members. It’s especially useful for businesses with non-desk employees. 

The platform stands out with its customizable onboarding courses, quizzes, and a centralized knowledge base. These features makes it great for tracking and managing onboarding documents efficiently and in real time.

The platform allows new hires to onboard independently using their mobile devices, which simplifies the process by guiding them step-by-step through digital workflows. 

Connecteam also offers the ability to streamline HR onboarding processes, enabling new hires to upload their documentation directly from their mobile devices. This paper-free approach ensures all certificates and licenses are submitted and organized for approval.

Another significant feature of Connecteam is its interactive courses with progress tracking, which are available anywhere. This is complemented by quizzes to evaluate employee knowledge and keep staff aligned with company standards. The knowledge base serves as a digital library that provides new hires with all the necessary information to succeed from day one.

The platform's ease of use, mobile accessibility, and comprehensive features make it a strong contender for businesses looking to improve their onboarding process and overall employee management.


iSolved is an HR management platform that simplifies onboarding for HR managers and new hires alike. 

The platform is cloud-based, and offers features like payroll, benefits, learning management, and core HR functions. What sets iSolved apart is its user-friendly electronic signature support and customizable workflows. These two features make onboarding new hires smoother.

The tools it offers help guide new employees through essential tasks. iSolved also simplifies the integration of data across payroll, time, and benefits modules. Plus, it offers mobile access, making it convenient for users to manage their profiles and access important information on the go.

While iSolved is highly regarded for its user-friendliness and comprehensive employee lifecycle management, it has a few limitations. Some users may find it challenging to reach customer support, and occasional bugs may arise with new releases. 

Still, its strong focus on effective onboarding and robust payroll management makes it a solid choice for businesses looking to streamline their HR processes.


Continu is a dynamic learning platform built for large enterprises. 

It's designed to make training easy and effective, especially for big teams. With Continu, you can access training materials anytime and anywhere, as it's all online and cloud-based. This is perfect for teams who don't have regular access to computers or who prefer learning at their own speed.

The platform stands out for its ability to track training and performance. You can see how many people finish courses, where they might stop, and how to improve the materials. It's also great for making sure everyone completes necessary compliance training.

Scaling up your training is easy with Continu. You don't need to print loads of materials; you can just set up more accounts online. The platform lets you quickly create and share new training, which is super helpful if your business is growing or changing.

Lastly, Continu connects well with other tools you might already use, making your training even more powerful. It's a top choice for companies that want to upskill their workforce and streamline their training processes​

Wrapping Up

The HR software landscape in 2024 is diverse and dynamic, offering a range of solutions to meet the varying needs of organizations. 

Platforms like ClickUp and Rippling stand out for their unique strengths in automating and customizing HR tasks, particularly in employee onboarding. Deel's comprehensive approach to global HR management, payroll, and compliance also makes it a strong contender for businesses operating internationally. 

Each of these platforms brings something valuable to the table, whether it's flexibility, integration capabilities, or ease of use, proving that the right HR software can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of HR operations in any organization.

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