About Us

The story of Slides

We were elbow-deep in growing a startup when the pandemic hit. We went from a big team in multiple cities and growing, to doing one tenth of our revenue. We dropped our growth plans and moved everything we could remote. All hands meetings were the hardest.

Personally, we were lucky to be able to quarantine in our house. Feeling close with friends and family was the hardest.

We started building Slides as a side project that was part wishful thinking, part wish fulfillment. We wanted to make being far from all of our people easier. We wanted to make meetings smoother and more fun. We wanted to have video calls with our friends without talking over each other or getting zoom fatigue. We wanted my mom's birthday to still be special.

And we wanted to help everyone going through this to have those things, as well. So this is a presentation tool that's got a bigger goal; keeping people connected while apart. We hope it can help you do that too.

Who we are

Cecilia mason

We met in 2014, started working together in 2015, got married in 2018, and have been quarantining together since March. We still like each other!

I'm Cecilia, and I've been working in startups, branding, design, marketing, and tech for over a decade. He's Mason, a full stack developer who's been starting businesses since he was 6 years old.

We've started a few companies together, and Slides with Friends might be our favorite. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes! Any questions? contact us