The Best Sales Gamification Software of 2024

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The Best Sales Gamification Software of 2024

When it comes to sales, just keeping up isn't enough—you've got to stay ahead! As we reach mid-2024, the sales scene is fast-paced and competitive. Traditional tactics are no longer enough. Sales gamification software adds excitement to everyday tasks, turning them into thrilling competition. It increases team motivation and drives business results with performance tracking and employee engagement. 

But how do you choose sales gamification software that’s best for your team? To help you narrow down your choice, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best sales gamification solutions of 2024. 

Slides with Friends


Slides with Friends is a platform that revolutionizes sales gamification by integrating interactive presentations for sales teams. You can conduct attention-grabbing meetings using our interactive slides, which feature quizzes, live polls, brainstorming sessions, and employee feedback options. You can choose from its ready-to-play agendas or create custom slide decks with live polls, quiz questions, and word clouds. 

Standout features include collaborative slide creation, real-time analytics, and customizable leaderboards.


SalesScreen provides comprehensive gamification features, focusing on performance tracking and motivation. It uses visualization and gamification to improve workplace productivity and team engagement. SalesScreen uses psychological metrics to understand individual team member motivations and provides incentive pathways tailored to different personality types, such as Achievers, Socialites, Explorers, and Killers. You can integrate with your CRM, offering real-time updates on competitions, leaderboards, sales contests, and peer recognition.

Standout features include leaderboards, performance dashboards, and customizable challenges.

Zoho Motivator

Motivator for Zoho CRM is a tool to inspire a healthy and competitive sales environment. It harnesses data from your CRM account to foster a competitive spirit among sales reps through sales activities. You can set goals, transforming sales progress into an engaging and enjoyable experience. This approach injects vitality into routine tasks, benefiting everyone involved. Motivator encourages improved individual and team performance through competition and gamification, using key performance indicators to track sales activity progress. You can set diverse targets for different KPIs and sales representatives, fostering individual and team growth. 

Standout features include goal tracking, performance analytics, and a rewards system.


Spinify boosts sales team motivation through leaderboards, friendly competition, and progress tracking, making work enjoyable. This top sales gamification software allows easy tracking of progress towards shared goals and setting personalized goals for individual staff members. It offers options for team or company-wide goal setting, promotes hard work, and provides easy implementation and customization.

Standout features include interactive leaderboards, personalized avatars, and real-time notifications.


SmartWinnr, one of the best web-based sales gamification platforms, prioritizes consistent customer communication and sales team product knowledge to boost sales. It improves knowledge retention using AI-driven quizzes, continuous coaching, gamified KPIs, and reinforcements. The platform emphasizes micro training, personalized learning, and SmartQuizz to provide frequent learning opportunities for your team, ensuring they stay updated on your products and services.

Standout features include quizzes and assessments, training modules, and performance tracking.

OneUp Sales

This sales performance platform suits growing sales teams with a focus on recruitment. OneUp Sales gathers real-time data from key systems like VOIPs and CRMs, offering managers clear insights, KPI metrics, and automated reports for organization-wide visibility. It prioritizes recognition for all teams, including sales and recruiting. You can celebrate team or individual successes on TV and messaging apps (like MS Teams) with data visualization, league tables, videos, images, and rewards.

Standout features include a mobile app, real-time updates, and gamified challenges.


Qstream is perfect for busy sales professionals. Its mobile interface is intuitive and easy to use, with game mechanics that keep user engagement high at 94% or better each month. It works on iOS, Android, Windows desktop, laptop, or mobile. You'll receive automated push notifications via email and mobile apps. Available in 18 languages, the platform offers features like scoring, leaderboards, aliases, and integrated commenting to foster positive competition and ensure strong user engagement. 

Standout features include bite-sized quizzes, performance insights, and peer competition.


SetSail is a great sales gamification tool specifically for sales managers. It's designed as a signal-based selling platform, centralizing data from your tools and teams. Using AI and behavioral science, it analyzes sales data to detect trends among top performers and promote winning behaviors throughout your organization. SetSail offers insights to improve sales team performance, identifying reps who need support early, providing scorecards for real-time feedback, and assessing account health based on custom metrics.

Standout features include AI-driven recommendations, personalized incentives, and performance analytics.


LevelEleven emphasizes motivating sales teams and achieving results through gamification techniques. It combines real-time performance tracking, scorecards, and interactive coaching to keep sales teams focused, motivated, and aligned with organizational goals.

Standout features include performance scorecards, coaching tools, and integration with CRM systems.


With Everstage, you can design and customize your commission plans to align with evolving business objectives, ensuring seamless data management and stringent access controls for data security. The software also helps you motivate your sellers with transparent payout visibility and advanced gamification features, fostering trust and high motivation levels with AI functionalities and payout predictions.

Standout features include coaching feedback loops, predictive analytics, and customizable dashboards.


Ambition is a dynamic sales gamification platform for sales organizations that are driven by data and speed. Companies like Aerotek, UPS, Wayfair, and Clayton Homes use Ambition to gain 360-degree insights on sales performance, improve sales culture, and increase revenue. With automatic dashboards for every employee, manager, and executive, important metrics can be tracked consistently. It promotes accountability by organizing employees into roles and weighting short-term activities and long-term objectives. You can set up automatic triggers to highlight top performers on office TVs, fostering motivation. Ambition enables monitoring and coaching of each employee's behavior.

Standout features include goal management, performance metrics, and recognition tools.


Visdum is one of the best sales gamification tools tailored for mid-market companies. It allows you to create and automate your sales compensation plan to match your business needs, encouraging the metrics that lead to success.  With an intuitive, no-code plan designer, you can easily craft compensation plans that streamline the sales process and boost revenue. Thanks to quick deployment and e-sign capabilities through DocuSign, plans can be implemented within days rather than months. You can enjoy the flexibility of powerful incentives such as accelerators, bonuses, or spiffs, and customize payment structures based on bookings, revenue, or collections.

Standout features include augmented reality challenges, virtual rewards, and performance analytics.

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