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Birthday Hangout Game

A get-together game for coworkers, friends, or family to play to say "happy birthday" to a special person!
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Happy Birthday πŸ₯³

Let's celebrate!


Thanks for coming to say Happy Birthday!

Send a sound (πŸ”ˆbottom right button) to say hello


How's everyone feeling today?


First game! Find a picture of the Birthday Person (or something you think they'd like) in your camera roll. If you see it onscreen (we'll show up to 10) tell us all about it!


Birthday Trivia!

4 questions about birthday celebrations around the world


1. In Denmark, if you turn 25 and aren't married (πŸ˜‚ who's married at 25?), what wonderful "gift" do you receive on your birthday?


2. In Australia, a savored birthday treat is wonderbread with butter and rainbow sprinkles. What's the name of this delicacy?Β 


3. "s dnem rozhdeniya!" This is how you say Happy Birthday in:


4. In China, 60th birthdays are considered so momentous that they're celebrated with


Nice work!

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