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The Remote Work Pulse

Take a survey of how your team or group feels about the WFH world.
poll / survey
company culture

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πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ 2 User Voting Slides
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The Remote Work Pulse

Hold your camera up to the code to join!Β  Then say hello with your sound button (πŸ”ˆ bottom right).


How do you feel about remote work?

Let's talk about the future of the workplace and brainstorm ideas!


Icebreaker: The worst part about my home office is ______________. (Make up a silly or serious answer, thenΒ βœ… vote for your fave from others)


First Round - Let's Wordcloud πŸ“

Submit a word or short phrase, and vote for others you agree with. Popular words will appear larger.


1/4. What are the biggest benefits you see to working remotely?


2/4. In a word or phrase β€” What are the biggest *difficulties* you see to working remotely?


3/4. In a word or phrase β€” what do you think is the key to running a successful remote team?


4/4. Share your favorite remote work tools, software, or communities


Last Round - Remote Compare

See how you line up in your experience with other players!


1/7 - How remote is your company?

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