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12 slides


10-15 mins


3-200 people

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Who's the smartest? Mini game

This is an interactive presentation for 3-200 to play in an online event. There are 12 slides that should take about 10-15 mins to play through. The host can launch an event, players join on their phones via a short url or QR code. See a preview of the slides below!
team building

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2 Text Answer Questions
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Who's the smartest of the call? 

A 5-10 minute team building game. Square off in a trivia battle!


Get ready to see if you can best your coworkers

(In this game of totally useless trivia that in no way measures anyone's actual worth.)


There are 5 questions, each getting harder as they go

And worth more points every time!


1. What's the only "Wonder of the World" that you can still visit today?


2. What's the longest bone in the human body?


3. How many US "The Office" episodes are there?


Let's check in on the scores

The last two questions are still coming — they're harder and worth more points. It's anyone's game now!


4. What's the chemical symbol for gold?


Name the actor who plays Brienne of Tarth in "Game of Thrones."


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