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Trivia Game - Back to the Office

A little trivia game everyone can play remote, in person, or hybrid. If your team is coming back to the office, or at least in part, bring them together with this trivia fun.
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Hello, fellow humans. Shall we... handshake? I forget how to people.


Warm up: Share your most "yup, this is quarantine..." photo (we'll show up to 12. If you see yours, tell us about it!)


Ok now your most "we're not in quarantine anymore!!" pic from the last year (up to 12 shown)


Back Together Again

10 sweet -reunion-themed questions


1. According to a study from Southwest University, what percentage of college students usually attend their 10th year class reunion?


2. Who hosted the recent "Friends" Reunion?


3. In 1868 during Reconstruction, the post-civil war reunification period, Republicans were able to pass the 14th amendment to the Constitution, which stated:


4. In John Cheever's 1962 short story "Reunion", he tells the tale of:Β 


5.Β In a NY Post poll, what percentage of people agreed that "Food is an essential part of a good family reunion"?


(lil round break: vote for the best answer to:) What's wrong with that remaining 16%?

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